Alexandra Daddario Workout Routine

Here, we will discuss Alexandra Daddario workout and diet plan. You can take hints from her exercises and improve your fitness regime.

Baywatch is a popular television series, but our favorite is its latest version starring Alexandra Daddario. The actress worked hard for the swimsuit figure she was living in this movie.

Today we will know how she became a beacon of fitness and what are her workout and eating habits to stay in shape.

Alexandra Daddario Diet

Alexandra does everything to keep her diet clean, healthy, and nutritious. It means she prefers fresh hand raw fruits whenever possible.

The meals choice for this beautiful actress changes frequently, but some of the food items are her favorites. We will list them below.

Breakfast: Alexandra prefers healthy and protein-rich mornings. So, she likes eggs and bread for breakfast. The blue-eyed actress is not an experienced cook, so she prepares simple food items like the egg in a hole.

Lunch: Alexandra generally eats on sets. So, she orders healthy smoothies from different places in the afternoon. For instance, she loves the Flax Master smoothie available in Earthbar.

It’s prepared by mixing blueberries. frozen bananas, protein powder, almond butter, coconut water, cinnamon, maca, and flax oil. Such ingredients provide her with the required amount of energy for a busy day and nutrients to keep her healthy.

Dinner: The American actress refuels her body for the next day by having a healthy dinner. Hence, Alexandra Daddario diet dinner contains grilled chicken breast, quinoa, and avocado slices. It also includes Sriracha, but without any processed ingredients and excess sugar.

Sometimes she swaps broccoli for avocado and fish for chicken. Her dinner is interesting. Isn’t it?
If Alexandra is in the mood to have a vegetarian meal, then she goes for avocado tacos with salsa or pico de gallo.

Alexandra Daddario Workout Routine

Alexandra Daddario was a fit actress even before she signed Baywatch. However, she doubled up her efforts after getting on board for this action-comedy. Let’s discuss her favorite exercises and workout schedule.

Yoga: Alexandra’s favorite workout is yoga. She has been into it for years. The 36-year-old prioritizes fitness and hence, she makes time for her workout every day. Yoga poses reduce her stress level and relax her muscles. If she cannot attend the yoga classes for some reason, she practices some positions at her residence.

Strength training: Alexandra Daddario workout routine comprises strength training to build strong and lean muscles. Yoga used to help her, but it was not sufficient to build a swimsuit figure. Therefore, the American actress started to train with one of the best celebrity trainers, Patrick Murphy.

Alexandra prefers strength training with the help of resistance bands. She goes with bodyweight exercises to tone her muscles. In addition, the blue-eyed actress includes kettlebell and free-weight physical activities in her fitness regime.

If we talk about the details, her workout includes a dumbbell bench press, triceps kickbacks, weighted step-ups, unassisted chin-ups, and standing rows with TRX reps. She performs all the exercises for 10 reps and three sets.

To make things interesting, the New York-born actress switches the workouts. Sometimes, she includes resistance band punches, step-ups with dumbbell presses, and lunge jumps. She performs all the exercises for 10 reps and three sets. You can follow Alexandra Daddario workout routine if you want to be fit and attractive like her.

Wrap up

Alexandra Daddario workout and diet are beneficial for all individuals who seek greatness in terms of health and fitness. The American actress eats healthy items and stays away from processed foods.

In addition, her training sessions are intense and hence, productive. You can follow these habits to see improvements within a few weeks.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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