Bowflex PR1000 Vs PR3000 (Review & Side By Side Comparison)

Bowflex PR1000 Vs PR3000 (Review & Side By Side Comparison)

Bowflex  PR1000 Home Gym review, I’m going to take a closer look at how this gym measures up, and whether or not the benefits of stronger muscles and a reduction of body fat can be reasonably expected from this home gym.

If you are into hardcore bodybuilding, then you probably want to look at the Bowflex PR3000 instead. But, if you are looking to build strength, tone your body and lose body fat then the  Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym has more then enough built-in exercises to give just about anyone an excellent total body workout.

While researching this particular model I wanted to hear what people had to say after purchasing it and working out on it. On average, this Bowflex Gym received great reviews from its owners. In fact, it is one of Amazon’s most popular home gyms and as of this writing, it has a 4 ½ out of 5-star rating by Amazon’s customers.

Critical reviews were for the most part, very similar… pointing out that this model is not upgradeable. In other words, you cannot add additional power rods for resistance beyond the 210 pounds the machine comes with. The other complaint was that the resistance was inadequate for leg exercises.



Bowflex designed this model for customers who’s fitness goals were to lose fat, develop lean muscle, and stay fit with a home gym design that was a slightly scaled-down and very affordable version of their more expensive exercise machines.

And…. if you combine that with its built-in rowing station for aerobic health you now have the ability to build muscle and lose fat from one piece of equipment. It has a full flat bench and a slanted bench to strengthen your chest, shoulders, and triceps. It also has a Lat pulldown feature for strengthening your upper back and biceps.

Bowflex’s patented Power Rod Technology as a replacement for real weights might seem a little different at first if you are used to working out with free weights. But after a couple of sets, you should be quite comfortable with its “feel” and you’ll love the smoothness of each rep and the increased range of motion that you just can’t get with most free weight movements.

The rowing station is a solid benefit to your workouts because you can use it as a warm-up, or as a cool down or as a “stand-alone” aerobic workout. No matter how you customize your workouts, throwing some cardio into the mix will really accelerate your fat loss while toning and building new muscle.


Sliding Seat Rail adds aerobic rowing training for calorie-burning.

Multi-use Hand-Grip/Ankle Cuffs designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout

Workout Placard displays workout descriptions for easy reference while you’re exercising

Number of available exercises: 30+

210 pounds of Power Rod resistance

Four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl.

Horizontal bench press

Triple function hand grips for lat pull down

Built-in cardio rowing machine

Folds for easy storage

Is the Bowflex PR1000 Model the Right Choice For You?

Unless you are looking to become the next Mr or Ms. Olympia, the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym offers tremendous value at an affordable price. This model also qualifies for Amazon’s free super saver shipping and is currently on sale at 44% off.

Assembly is simple and straightforward but will take you about 2 hours. This home gym is compact, requiring very little space and it looks good no matter what room you put it in!

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

If you want to read my entire Bowflex review, you’ll find it below… and you’ll also find out why I really like this particular model and why I’m able to recommend it. The Bowflex PR1000 model cannot be upgraded with additional power rods. If the 210 lbs of built-in resistance are not enough, then Bowflex’s PR3000 is probably a better choice for you with its upgradeable option that allows you to increase its max resistance to 310 lbs. Bowflex overall has earned an excellent reputation as a home gym manufacturer within the fitness industry.

Anyone who has ever seen one of Bowflex’s television commercials can’t help but remember the lean muscled athletic models as they go through their workouts. They look great, the patented Power Rod Technology, even though it was new and different, seemed very logical as a replacement for the much heavier weight stack that comes with most home gyms. Almost every bowflex review for the PR3000 and for the Bowflex PR1000 was, for the most part very good, and because of its unique engineering, it even looked really good in the middle of a room!

The problem was the price…. most of my clients just didn’t want to spend that much money on a home gym. All of that changed, however, when they came out with the more affordable PR3000 and it’s scaled down counterpart the Bowflex PR1000.


Whether you are wanting to put on some serious muscle, or simply tone and lose fat, the Bowflex PR3000 with over 50 different exercises will be more than enough to give you an intense work-out and accomplish your goals. As I mentioned earlier in this Bowflex review, the Power Rod technology replaces free weights with all Bowflex models. If you are used to working out only with real weights, the movements at first might seem a little different, but after a couple of sets you’ll get the hang of it, and you’ll notice the smoothness of each exercise and the greater range of motion that you just can’t get with some straight bar movements.

The Power Rods also allow you to work out every muscle group by yourself… you won’t need a spotter. Just like the Bowflex PR1000, the PR3000 model is also lighter then a conventional home gym putting less stress on your floors and it’s easy to fold up and move anywhere you want after your work-out.

Customers that provided a Bowflex review were very good as well. This gym has been one of Amazon’s best sellers, and has a 4 ½ out of 5-star rating… Customers with critical reviews felt that the 210 pounds of resistance were too low for a good leg workout. This model, however, as mentioned earlier, is upgradeable, meaning that you can add additional power rods that will bring the max weight up to 310 pounds of resistance. A feature not available on the Bowflex PR1000.


Multi-use Hand-Grip/Ankle Cuffs

Workout Placard displays exercises

Number of available exercises: 50+

No-change cable pulley system

210 pounds of Power Rod resistance (which can be upgraded to 310 pounds)

Four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl

Vertical bench press

Triple function hand grips for lat pull down

Triple function ankle cuff grips

Leg Attachment

If you are looking to strengthen and tone your arms, chest, shoulders, and back, the Bowflex PR3000 has a full flat bench, a slanted bench, and lat pulldown cables. For your legs it has all the normal leg work out essentials…. you can do leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises and more. But… what’s really great about the PR3000 model, something you won’t find in most home gyms… is it’s built-in rowing station? I love this feature because you can use it as a warm up, a cool down (when circuit training) or as a stand-alone aerobic work-out. The rowing station will help you to really fire up your body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle with one machine.


The best pricing I could find was with the folks over at Amazon. In fact, this model currently qualifies for Amazon’s free shipping and super saver discounts. Plus, Amazon has it on sale at a discounted price of almost 32%. After completing my research for the Bowflex PR1000 and the Bowflex PR3000, the PR3000 model is perfect for the serious bodybuilder, and for the money, it gets my highest recommendation as an excellent home gym. You can read more about the specifications for both gyms, see customer feedback in the Bowflex review section and take advantage of any price discounts by visiting Amazon’s official site using the link below.

The Best Diet For A Toned Body

Anyone trying to decide what the best diet for a toned body is should always include cardio and weight resistance training as part of their plan. Diet and exercise are essential two-pronged routines for a fit and healthy body. One simply cannot work without the other. We at Bowflex PR1000 recognize this fact, and encourage everyone to embark on a lifestyle that places special emphasis on regular exercise and proper eating habits. Not only will these two ensure a body worth showing off, but also raised energy levels you cannot get from artificial means.

So what is the best diet for a toned body anyway?  It really depends on you. For instance, cross-fit athletes typically go for a Paleolithic diet, or one that mimics what cavemen ate. This includes fish, meat from grass-fed animals, fruit, vegetables, nuts and root crops. Processed and refined food, dairy, and grain are not part of a Paleolithic diet. It emphasizes reduced calories and processed carbohydrates which can hinder a high-intensity workout, which cross-fit hinges upon.

Determining the best diet for a toned body depends on your caloric requirements…

If the emphasis of your routine is strength training, then it is good to stock up on the right amounts of calcium, vitamins and minerals for stronger bones, and iron to keep oxygen properly flowing through muscles as you work out. Calcium can be found in milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. Iron is best ingested via lean meat. However, if you are not a meat-eater, you can still get it from iron-fortified cereal and shakes, plus dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. For your body to absorb calcium properly, you will also need Vitamin D in your diet. You can invest in a supplement or go for a multivitamin to enhance healthy meals and fill the gaps of a non-balanced one.

Intense workouts require around fifty percent of carbohydrates to fuel your exercise routines. Carbohydrates are found in practically all food sources, but it’s best to go for the complex carbohydrates found in fruit, beans, and whole grain to keep your energy levels higher for far longer. Another great energy source for working out is protein. Protein can take up somewhere between ten to thirty-five percent of your daily intake, as it can help build muscle while you are burning fat. Do it the slow and sure route: go for lean protein sources like chicken breast without the skin, tofu, beans, skimmed milk and low-fat dairy, and the occasional lean slices of meat if you can’t do without them.

Fat is also required in any healthy diet, even if you’re out to lose some excess weight. Cutting it totally from your daily intake will not ensure weight loss nor a toned body. In fact, it’s actually another good source of energy for workouts. The key is in limiting it to around twenty-five percent of your daily diet, and going for healthy fat sources such as deep sea fish, olive or vegetable oil instead of animal oil, nuts, and seeds.

What is the worst kind of diet to get a toned body? Crash dieting. Not only will it deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals, but it can also wreak havoc on your heart and other vital body organs. The key take-away from this is to decide on your weekly exercise regiment, determine your ideal weight, build a healthy, nutritional game-plan… only then will you have the best diet for a toned body.

How to Have a Full Body Workout on a Bowflex Home Gym

Investing in a home gym can provide many benefits beyond the obvious convenience of being able to exercise at home. The Bowflex PR1000 offers many of these benefits in one practical, useful package. Not only do you have the ability to work out without having to leave the house, but you can also save considerably on costly gym memberships and fees. And… being able to do as many different exercises as you can without switching from one piece of equipment to another is also a big advantage.

To get the best deal, you would want to make sure that your home gym meets your personal fitness goals. It should not fall short on the exercises you can perform by using just one home gym. Bowflex has been around for over three decades. They have come up with innovative home gym systems that offer a handy alternative to traditional gym tools that take up too much space.

Arguably, one of its best features, well documented from both professional and owner-written reviews, is their patented power rod technology. Power rods are pliable and durable, and allow users to perform dozens of exercises on the PR1000. You can use these power rods with the accompanying attachments. They can help you come up with a customized workout suited for your own fitness needs.

If you want to lose weight, the Bowflex PR1000 offers aerobic training exercises using the provided laminated workout cards as guides. Some of these exercises include bench presses, calf raises, abdominal crunches, and leg presses. Another cool feature is the built-in seated rowing machine for cardio. Throwing in twenty minutes of rowing after weight training is a great way to burn fat.

For greater definition and toning of your muscles, this Bowflex model is adequate as long as you are looking to tone and not get big. It’s important to note that the PR1000 only allows a maximum of 210 lbs. of resistance on the power rods without the option to upgrade to a higher resistance level. However, many beginning users concede that it is enough to start building muscles before moving on to heavier weights. If you are a serious bodybuilder, I recommend the PR3000 model due to its ability to increase your resistance to 310 pounds.

You can begin working on defining your chest and shoulder muscles on a certain day of the week, and then your arms and back another day, moving on to legs and torso for yet another day. Focusing on certain muscle groups instead of trying to target all possible muscles in one go will yield more desirable results faster. The secret is in splitting up the muscle group workouts in three days and doing not more than four exercises for each muscle group. You will be able to avoid muscle fatigue this way.

The Bowflex PR1000 even offers a better-body workout in twenty minutes. As mentioned, you can find these exercises illustrated in the accompanying laminated cards with each product purchase. The Bowflex site also shows you the 20-minute workout, and you can always refer to the infomercials for more information. What this routine aims for is an overall general conditioning before you focus on areas of your body you think need special attention. Included in the workout are seated abdominal curls, biceps curls, seated lat rows, bench presses, calf raises, leg presses, and more.

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  1. Among the most effective upper-body exercises you can do on the Bowflex are the chest exercises, like the press and fly. When you do them, your chest muscles not only work against the resistance but also must “stabilize” against the pulley system. Do these two exercises back-to-back with no rest for an even better workout.

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