Charlize Theron Workout Routine

Do you want to know about Charlize Theron’s workout routine?

Charlize Theron was born on 7 August 1975. She is a South African by birth. She is an American actress, model & producer. In 1990, She started her Hollywood acting career with a Leading lady role in the film “The Devil’s Advocate (1997).

After that, day by day, she groomed his acting career. She has received an “Academy Award” nomination for playing a role as a sexually abused woman character. For her fabulous acting work, she has million & million of fan-followers.

Charlize Theron has received many awards prizes & nominations in her acting career. She won “Silver Bear Award” & “Academy Award for Best Actress” in her series “Monster (2003)”. She is the 1st South African lady to win an Oscar for her acting work.

Now, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. In 2016, The Time magazine has published her name as the 100 most influential people in the world.

Current Status: Charlize Theron

  • Full Born Name: Charlize Theron
  • Nicknames: Charlie
  • Height: 5’10” (1.78 m)
  • Weight: (approximate) 134.4 lbs./61 Kg
  • Age: 47 years old as of August 2022
  • Birthday: August 7, 1975
  • Birthplace: Benoni, South Africa
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Green
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: South African & American
  • Occupation: Actress Model & Producer

Charlize Theron’s Nutrition

Charlize always has been a calm voice about her choices in food. By checking out her social media account, everyone can see various foods related posts according to their choices.

So, this South-African good looking actress Charlize Theron has a heart-touching place in the world. She has million & million (approx.) fan-followers on social media for her outstanding career & personality.

For her body slim, she must have followed a perfect diet plan which has a list of healthy foods.

Charlize Theron’s Full-day Diet Plan

Charlize Theron has had an alluring path to her food choices. While she hasn’t a hard diet chart, she eats not only healthy foods but also avoids unhealthy foods.

As a result, she followed this plan for gaining her outstanding body shape.

So, Let’s get started with the information about her diet plan whatever she eats.

Charlize Theron’s diet foods list

# Breakfast:

  • Eat Egg
  • Drink fresh juice
  • Fruits with yogurt
  • Fresh berries
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Green tea
  • Oatmeal & seeds mixer

#Snack before Lunch:

  • Protein shake
  • Mixed nuts


  • Chicken breast
  • Grilled Chicken with olive oil
  • Veggies mixer
  • A large bowl of rice
  • Green Salad

#Snack before dinner:

  • Protein bar


  • Salmon fish
  • Omelet with olive oil
  • leafy greens salad
  • Fresh Veggies
  • Fruits Salad
  • Sweet Potatoes

#Snake after dinner:

  • Bread with peanut butter
  • Organic grain bread
  • Potato chips ( occasionally)


  • Rice, pea & soy protein shake
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc supplements
  • Minerals
  • Multi-Vitamins

#Avoid eating:

  • Refined sugar adding food
  • Processed foods items
  • Junk food items
  • Chips fry
  • French fries
  • Pizza
  • Hydrogenated oils adding foods
  • Chemical additives
  • Alcohol drinks

Charlize Theron’s Workout Routine

It is almost impossible to have a fitness like Charlize Theron without workout sessions. She continually follows & keeps to measurement her outlook to achieve her aim.

For achieving this aim, she hired a professional trainer named- Fedele De Santis.

Are you ready to check out Charlize Theron’s workout routine?

Charlize Theron’s Workout Plan Per Day

Volume: 5 days a week

Details: She sets a plan of 5 days per week & 60-to-90-minute per day for her workout exercise sessions mixed with dance and martial arts.

Trainer name: Fedele De Santis

Monday to Friday Plan

Charlize makes her muscle fit & technic to be a dancer to help her for gaining exceptional feedback. She exercises with dumbbells (2.2 kg – 5 pounds). Now we can discuss the workout exercise plan which she tried daily.

Plan 1:- Kettlebell Training Workout Sessions

  • Kettlebell Swing Exercise in 3 sets
  • Kettlebell Deadlift Exercise in 3 sets
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat Exercise in 3 sets
  • Kettlebell Walking Lunge Exercise in 3 sets

Plan 2:- Resistance Training Workout Sessions

  • Resistance Band Squat -Front Exercise in 3 sets
  • Resistance Band Squat – Back Exercise in 3 sets
  • Resistance Band Squat-Overhead Exercise in 3 sets
  • Wall Sit Exercise in 3 sets

Plan 3:- Full Body Training Workout Sessions

  • Pliés Exercise in 50 reps per session
  • Seated bicep curls Exercise (5lb dumbbells in a rep & complete 60 reps per session)
  • Side lateral Exercise (3lb dumbbells in a rep & complete 35 reps per session)
  • Butt lift Exercise in 75 reps per session
  • Bicycle crunches Exercise in 60 reps per session
  • Plank Exercise for 60 seconds
  • Bench Press Exercise (18lb medicine ball in a rep & complete 60 reps per session)
  • Triceps pushdown Exercise in 35 reps per session

Plan 4:- Fight Training Workout Sessions

  • MMA Training Exercise
  • Shadowboxing Training Exercise
  • Punching Bag Training Exercise
  • Core Workout Training Exercise

Plan 5: Power Yoga Training Workout Sessions for 90 minutes Daily & 2 times in a week.

Plan 6: Spin Class Training Workout Sessions for 1 class & 4 times in a week.

Saturday & Sunday: Off day. She & her trainer have set a plan for taking Saturdays & Sundays off for a relaxed time in personal work.

Final Thought

Now we can know about the good-looking & charming actress Charlize Theron’s workout routine and diet plan.

She has pledged effectively to her exercise & hardly tracked her listed foods & which helps her achievement & physical fitness.

So, it is very effective for everyone for following her workout routine in grooming up their outlook like her.

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