Does An Recumbent Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach?

Nowadays recumbent bike is one of the renowned ways of doing exercise for fat burning and body shaping. It works very well to burn the extra fat from your body and also helps to reduce the size of the stomach.

The recumbent bike is a combination of cardiovascular workout which helps to flatten you’re your belly. Doing abdominal solidification with it can give you the ultimate firm body.

Burning Fat or Calorie

The recumbent bike available in the market comes with several pre-programmed workout functions. The machine offers a different kind of training like calorie-burning aerobic workout etc.

You can easily set any course of training according to your current physical condition or need: the higher resistance system and fast paddling help to reduce fat more sufficiently and effectively.

But you have to understand one thing that the amount of calorie-burning will depend on your weight as a 190-pound person can burn 296 calories in 30-minute cycling, while a 130 –pound person will burn only 200 calories at the same time and same speed.

One can set a target of doing 30 to 60 minutes cycling or aerobics activity daily, four to five days a week. One hour of doing aerobics daily can boost up your weight loss journey.

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Shaping Lower Parts Of The Body

The cycle helps to shape up your lower part, basically the thigh, glutes and lower abdominal section. You better move the seat closer to your pedals, and pedal harder and harder to stretch your lower part of the body. You can also go for the stability ball, crunches to strengthen your lower abdominal parts or muscles significantly.

Comparison With Other Cardio Machines

If it’s come to choosing the right equipment to do cardio exercise, you should choose the recumbent bike rather than selecting any other cardio machine available at the market.

The bike is undoubtedly more comfortable and suitable for any cardio with several pre-set workout may burn less calorie than any elliptical machine but certainly burn more fat or calorie than walking at a moderate pace. The elliptical machine and recumbent bike both work for the lower abdominal body, but effects less than a treadmill.

Final Recommendation

For better result do five minutes of warm-up session before starting any exercise, so do for the recumbent bike also. Also, adjust the seat to your comfort level. A little warm-up before the main session will help to fix the body temperature.

The body posture or form is another essential thing to consider when doing exercise. It’s better to consult a physician before starting any new training if you have any physical issues.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Sakibul Islam
Sakibul Islam