Emily Vancamp Workout Routine

Do you want to know more about Emily Vancamp workout plan? Emily has perfect curves and an appealing body. She starred in several movies and television series, including Ring Franchise (2005), Carriers (2009), Captain America (2014), Revenge (2011-2015), and many more.

After working in multiple successful movies, the Canadian actress is living a glamorous life. Still, she is the same for her family members and friends.

Emily works for more than 10 hours every day. The 36-year-old actress wants to stay in perfect shape, but she is not obsessed with a skinny body.

Instead, Emily respects her stats and stays healthy. Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, Emily’s definition of a perfect body is not something similar to a skeleton. She enjoys a feminine and angular body.

Emily VanCamp – Basic details

  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Age – 36
  • Birthday: May 12, 1986
  • Birthplace: Ontario

Emily VanCamp Diet Plan

Emily enjoys five to six meals every day. The Canadian actress is sentimental about her intake. Hence, she ensures an appropriate intake of protein, fiber, vitamins, and healthy fat in her diet. Also, the Ontario-born actress carries snacks like fruits, nuts, etc, and consumes them at regular intervals.

Emily Vancamp diet plan generally includes green leafy vegetables, Merkel, salmon, and lean chicken. She also enjoys smoothies and fruit juices. However, the beautiful actress stays away from gluten.

A balanced diet is crucial for your health and fitness. However, at times you cannot yourself. Emily never stops herself in such situations and eats whatever she likes without any guilt.

Emily loves baking. You might be surprised to know it because baking and fitness cannot go together. However, she bakes gluten-free. Apart from that, she loves homemade food items. She invites friends over for dinner and cooks healthy meals for them.

The Canadian actress also likes the taste of Umami burgers. You might not know, Umami is one of the lesser-known tastes. What are the tastes we know? They are sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

However, another taste is Umami. It’s the taste of nucleotides and glutamates. This taste is added to the Umami burgers. These burgers are healthy because Umami Burger Chain grinds its meat, pickles its vegetables, and processes self-manufactured cheese.

Emily Vancamp Fitness Plan

Emily Vancamp gives all the credit for her fitness to Lalo Fuentes, her trainer. He monitors her diet and workout plans. Lalo is an experienced Hollywood celebrity trainer. So, Emily trusts his suggestions and improves.

Lalo suggested pool training to Emily. It maintains her figure and fitness. He also uses the freezing technique on Emily and other clients. This method involves stopping for a second at the point of movement so that your brain can connect to the muscles you want to train.

For instance, if Emily is performing squats, she stops at the lower point of the movement and focuses on the targeted muscles, which are the glutes in this exercise. Then, finish the repetition. Her focus is not to complete maximum repetitions. Instead, Emily makes her moves efficient, burns a significant amount of calories in less time, cuts down extra fat, and stays in shape.

The exercises in Emily Vancamp fitness plan change frequently, but they generally are performed half on water and the rest on land. She performs a lot of activities using her body weight. So, Emily prefers Pilates, yoga side extensions, pushups, and planks.

Emily has a ballet background, which helped her to grow a love for Pilates because both of them are similar at multiple points. She finds this form of workout very rewarding for her body. The Ontario-born actress performs challenging actions and dance shoots. Pilates and Yoga are the two exercises that keep her body flexible.

Emily Vancamp exercises also includes strength training and cardio. The former makes all her muscles strong and cardio is perfect to burn the extra mass. So, the Canadian actress uses both weapons to stay fit and healthy. Apart from that, she enjoys swimming, walking, and hiking with friends.

Emily Vancamp Workout Routine

Emily Vancamp workout routine changes according to her schedule. However, she works out three to four days every week. Her average exercising time is 75 minutes.

  • Monday: Pilates
  • Tuesday: Circuit Training
  • Wednesday: Active Rest Day
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: Pilates and Circuits
  • Saturday: Active Rest Day
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Tips for Emily Vancamp fans

Respect the way God made you: Emily often cooks meals for her and her friends. She forgets about all her stress when in the kitchen. The beautiful actress suggests the same to her friends. Get involved in the work you like so much that your mind cannot find time to feel bad about anything.

Stick to a healthy diet: A balanced diet is crucial for your fitness plan. However, healthy eating is not only about your physical fitness, but it also includes your mental well-being and attitude. If your diet plan is nutritious, but you still crave processed foods or you suffer from guilt after eating your favorite items, then there is a problem.

Maintain strength: Emily Vancamp is on set for 12 to 15 hours every day. So, she prefers to eat after every two hours to maintain her energy. The Canadian beauty loves carbs, but she never forgets to include vegetables, doughnuts, and protein like chicken or fish. You can try this plan, especially if you work for additional hours.

Motivation is the key: You might not feel like working out after a long day of work. But, here is the cache. Fit people have the hunger to step up for the workout schedule. It’s what divides the slim, the fat, and everyone else in the world. We recommend you work out in the morning to maintain consistency.

Make a mindset: Train your brain to take care of your health. A confused or diverted brain cannot contribute to your fitness plans. So, set up your mind before preparing a diet plan or workout schedule.

Stay active: Emily Vancamp stays active and enjoys it. If you are on the move most of the time, you can be liberal with your diet. In other words, you can enjoy life with some great food and wine.

FAQ About Emily Vancamp

Does Emily VanCamp do her stunts in revenge?

Emily VanCamp has a body double to perform the stunts of the famous television series, Revenge. However, she did a lot of action scenes without any stuntwomen. The ravishing actress spent months on her training and fitness to be ready for these sequences.

Is Emily VanCamp trained in martial arts?

Emily VanCamp learned jiu-jitsu and hand-to-hand combat to portray her character of Sharon Carter in Revenge.

How Emily VanCamp got her Revenge body?

Pilates and Yoga are the favorites of Emily VanCamp. Both exercises helped her to maintain her fitness in Revenge. Apart from that, she maintained a healthy and nutritious diet.

Is Emily Vancamp still married?

Emily VanCamp started dating Josh Bowman in 2011. The couple got engaged on May 11, 2017, and married on December 15, 2018. Right now she is married to Josh and they also have a daughter.

Why did Emily VanCamp quit The Resident?

Emily’s daughter is the sole reason why she quit The Resident. The little one is her only priority right now.

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