Janelle Monae Workout Routine

Here we will discuss Janelle Monae workout. Janelle is an inspiration to a lot of working women. She is a singer, actress and rapper. Her high-performance shows are housefull almost all the time.

If you want a fit and attractive personality like her, then you have to work hard. We will break down Janelle’s training and eating schedule,which helps you to improve your fitness plans. Let’s start.

Janelle Monae Diet Plan

Jenelle maintains a healthy and nutritious diet schedule, even if she is on the move. The singer eats salad, fruits and vegetables. However, it’s challenging sometimes.

So, when the rapper needs a break, she prefers pita chips with hummus.

Jenelle Monae diet includes a significant amount of water, so thqat she stay fit and keep her voice flawless. Her water intake is high, especially when she is travelling.

The flight takes out the moisture from your voice. So, water is important for her.

Moreover, she has a technique to preserve her voice. She warm up before the show and ensures not to overuse her voice afterwards. Hence, the singer stays quiet after any performance.

According to Jenelle, your beauty comes from inside. If you are happy, you will automatically look attractive. If you have a good heart, positive energy follows you. It’s the best beauty as per her.

Janelle Monae Workout Principles

Janelle does a lot of on-stage sweating. The talented actress performs 90 minute shows, wherein she is continuously moving.

These shows become her workout. You might think the singer works out a lot in the gym. However, the reality differs. The onstage dancing is her fitness secret.

Janelle Monae Workout Routine

Usually, Janelle leaves her bed at 9:30 AM. Most of us check our smartphone after waking up. But, the singer is different. She takes ten deep breaths to calm herself down and prepare for the day.

Then, the 37-year-old trains for 30 minutes. She performs Pure Cardio: Insanity by Shaun T. This form of exercise reduces her stress and anxiety.

Self- care is very important for Janelle. The actress takes a vacation if it’s required or if she is working for a long duration.

The Kansas-born needs time with herself. She wants to feel relaxed during these periods. And if she is in a mood to party and enjoy alcohol, she never stops herself.

Tips for Janelle Monae Fans

Set practical goals: Start your training with simple goals that you can achieve easily. Set challenging aims once you improve your fitness level. Do not declare ambitious goals. Otherwise, you might get frustrated if you don’t see favorable results.

For instance, if you are a beginner, set a running target of 10 minutes in the initial days. You can take it up to 30 minutes and even more depending upon your fitness standard and expertise.

Use music to motivate yourself: You can make your workout sessions interesting with the help of music. The score pushes yourself a little for the last reps.

You can pick your pace and match the background music. Try Violet Stars Happy Hunting by Janelle Monae and the theme of Rocky for instance.

Include training sessions in your lifestyle: You might have a busy lifestyle. However, do not make excuses to skip your training sessions. Workout is as important as any other personal or professional task.

Final Thoughts

Janelle Monae workout routine is not intense, but it does the job for her. Hence, the actress never stays away from swimsuits. Take inspiration from her training sessions and diet plan to improve your fitness levels.

Let us know if you like the information or if you have any questions about the lifestyle of Janelle.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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