Lily James Workout Routine

What is Lily James workout schedule? What is her diet to stay in shape? Her fans want to know the answer to these questions. Hence, we caught up with Lily and her trainer to find out.

Have you seen any episodes of Pam & Tommy by Hulu? You must have noticed the remarkable transformation of Lily James into Pamela Anderson. She prepared for this role with the help of intense workouts and making significant changes in her lifestyle, including reducing the amount of alcohol intake and getting ample quality sleep.

Most of the credit goes to Lily’s trainer Matt Bevan, who worked with the British actress to help her achieve a strong, toned, and attractive physique. So, what they did together to accomplish such an incredible bod. Let’s discuss.

Lily James – Current stats

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: An estimated 121 pounds
  • Birthday: April 5, 1989

Things to know about Lily James workout routine

1. Fitness is a journey: Lily and Matt started the preparation for Pam & Tommy 16 weeks before its first shoot. The duration is more than four months. James remains consistent with the workouts. So, her body easily gained all the required strength. In other words, it takes time to gain sustainable differences. Plus, consistency and patience is the key. Apart from that, she does the following things with her trainer.

2. Makes specific goals: Matt states that failures are possible in fitness training if you do not set goals. So, he structured Lily James’ workout plan into four different parts. Such a strategy helped the British actress to stay in shape.

3. Creates an adaptable workout routine: Matt developed a workout routine according to Lily’s lifestyle. According to him, you should stick to a workout plan that suits your day-to-day activities. It’s crucial for Lily because she does not have even a moment to spare.

Sometimes Lily used to work for 16 hours a day. So, Matt altered the rest periods, load, and workout intensity to save her from burnout. No one can work out for long after spending 16 hours on the set, not even acting machines like Lily James.

Lily and Matt used to work out for five days a week while filming for Pam & Tommy. Now the frequency is reduced to three.

4. Makes the workout sessions enjoyable: The workout should be enjoyable. Matt wanted Lily to feel interested in her workout plans. So, the trainer used Lily’s favorite playlists and let her perform some dance-based exercises.

Matt also ensured not to make Lily James workout exercise routine boring or repetitive. Performing the same physical activity week after week is beneficial for your body, especially if you increase the weight. However, he switches the patterns until the movements are in line with the requirements. For instance, if Lily performs reverse lungs on the first Monday, then on the next Monday she goes for split squats because both physical activities target the same muscle group.

On a lot of days, Lily breaks the schedule and practices only mobility or dynamic exercises. You might have read and heard it a lot of times, understand your body. Do not work out only because you need some added mass. Indulge in exercises that make you feel good.

5. Warms up her body according to the workout: Do you practice the same warm-up practices for all the exercises? Well, changing this pattern brings magical results. This strategy is especially important if you have limited time.

A lot of users do the same warmups whether they are training their chest, shoulders, biceps, or triceps. But, everyone should do something that can bring the best out of the following session. In simple words, if you are targeting legs, prefer warmup exercises that are specifically designed for legs.

Matt included 10 minutes of warmup in Lily James workout routine. Sometimes the session lasts longer, depending upon Lily’s level of energy. Then, she does the hard work and nails it because of a unique warm-up method.

6. Take adequate rest: Lily James workout Pam and Tommy was challenging. So, recovery is crucial. Therefore, Matt prioritizes sleep instead of workouts. However, it depends upon his conversation with Lily and how much sleep she had in the last week.

A significant amount of rest is important for recovery. So, you cannot neglect the pause if you want to stay healthy. When Lily was training for Pam and Tommy, she had only one day off. Now, Lily James workout exercise routine comprises four offs. Matt also promotes infrared saunas, light therapy, and massage. He includes breathwork when Lily feels stressed or tired.

7. Loves herself from the inside out: Confidence comes from love. Her self-belief is high because she loves herself and feels comfortable in her skin. It’s more important than any workout or diet plan. You look good when you feel good.

8. Stays strict: Lily had to be strict with herself, especially when she was getting ready for her role in Pam and Tommy. The beautiful actress knows that cheating with alcohol or chocolates will not take her anywhere. She has given up everything she used to love. She does not eat sweets, desserts, or wine. But now Lily feels better because of the amazing changes in her body.

Lily James’ workout plan

Cardio sessions: Lily stays in shape with the help of running and boxing, especially when she was getting ready for her role in Pam and Tommy. Matt used to read her dialogues while Lily used to run on the treadmill. She also did boxing with a guy in LA.

After working out consistently, Lily’s consciousness on the beaches is significantly reduced. However, the process was tough for her. Lily James workout exercise routine was difficult, but it’s rewarding.

Weight lifting: Pam and Tommy is not the first series wherein Lily James has to follow a workout plan. In 2012, the British actress played an athlete in Fast Girls, a British cinema. She used to work out for five days a week to prepare for this role. The training lasted for around six weeks.

Lily James workout Pam and Tommy comprised five days of workouts, which included cardio, weight lifting, and circuits. Now she performs all these exercises for three days every week. However, she does not like lifting too much weight.

Situps: Lily James was not a fan of situps. However, her fitness plan during Fast Girls made her fall for them. Then, she got obsessed with this activity. She started to practice them whenever free on the sets. You might not believe it, but she used to perform 600 different types of sit-ups. Hence, her abdomen has changed now. Lily James workout abs comprise crunches, situps, and a lot of core work.

Walking and cycling: Lily used her bicycle to communicate until someone stole it. However, the British actress purchased a bike recently and started cycling again. It not only gives her freedom but also helps her to connect with the present. She also loves walking.

Yoga and Pilates: Lily James workout routine includes Pilates and Yoga. However, she switched them for dance during the quarantine. The ravishing actress plays her favorite tracks and enjoys the moves.

Her fitness mantra: Lily James states that finding motivation could be tough sometimes, especially when you have intense workout routines. So, she prefers to exercise in the morning to feel free afterward. H

er trick is to drag herself and start the physical activities anyhow. And it’s what she tells her fans, “ Start the situps even if you have to roll out of your bed. Everything seems fine once you initiate the workout schedule. “

She says, “Maintain a feeling that you can do it. Keep a positive mindset and sail through the pain if you want to see yourself in a better shape.”

Lily James workout plan per day

  • Monday: Workout for all the body parts + 20 minutes of ersa climber
  • Tuesday: Workout for upper body + 20 minutes on a mini trampoline
  • Wednesday: Workout for lower body + running for 30 minutes
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Workout for upper body + Boxing session of 30 minutes
  • Saturday: Lower body workout + 20 minutes on a mini trampoline

Lily James diet plan

Only a workout is not sufficient for Lily James. Apart from fitness, she also has to take care of her diet. Hence, the British actress consumes five to six protein-rich meals every day. Eatables like fish and chicken are regular parts of her food.

Lily is clear about her fitness goals and her trainer keeps a count of her calorie intake. Hence, they split her intake into a balanced diet of protein, fat, carbs, and vegetables. You might find it unbelievable, but Lily cooks her meals and she sticks to the plan suggested by Matt.

According to James,” Reducing alcohol consumption and having a balanced diet helps a lot. I sleep better and leave the bed with a fresh mind.” Another important for Lily is her hydration level. So, she consumes at least four liters of water every day. The British actress had a pink water bottle when she was shooting for Pam and Tommy. This bottle became popular on the sets because it was always near Lily.

Lily James diet plan includes

Breakfast: Rye bread, spinach, asparagus, salmon, and eggs. James’s breakfast contains a lot of protein, which helps her to handle all the activities for the day.

Lunch: Fish (white fish or tuna), rice/potatoes/quinoa, and vegetables. Lily’s lunch is full of lean protein and some carbohydrates. Hence, it provides the required energy but still is under the carb limit.

Dinner: Vegetables, meat. salad

Snacks: Nuts, rice cakes, protein shakes

Frequently Asked Question

How many sit-ups a day did Lily James do?

Lily James performs 600 different types of situps. She reached this number after working out consistently.

Did Lily James achieve her Pamela Anderson body by working out at home?

Lily James studies Pamela Anderson to understand how to behave like her. However, Lily’s Pamela shape is not a result of some high-tech workout sessions at a gym. Instead, she achieved it at her residence. It’s unbelievable and rare because Hollywood actresses generally hire a personal trainer to undergo such transformation. But, there was no alternative due to the pandemic (Covid).

What’s the hardest thing Lily had to give up for the perfect physique she owns?

Lily had to leave aside everything she used to eat, including chocolate and desserts. Then, she became obsessed with her diet. Do you know why? Because she sees positive changes in the body when she works out regularly and maintains a healthy diet without any cheating.

Final thoughts

We hope now you know all the details of Lily James workout and diet Pam and Tommy. You also know about her current exercise routine. She practices physical activities thrice a week and maintains a nutritious diet to get the required energy for intense workouts. Start your fitness plan today if you want to be like her. Do not forget to share Lily’s workout plan with your friends.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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