Marcy ME 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike can be a great partner for your exercise for its numerous advantages and attributes.

Fitness is a part of our life and if want to be fit, you can use the recumbent bike to do exercise. There are many advantages and facilities for the riders in this recumbent bike.

In this article, we are going to inform our audiences about all the features of the Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise bike.

Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy is one of the oldest and famous workout equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the USA that delivers superior quality exercise equipment like treadmills, recumbent bikes, stationary bikes, etc.

Today our topic of discussion is the Marcy me 706 recumbent exercise bike that can burn your belly fats and make you fit and strong. The material and construction of this bike are outstanding.

The customer reviewed positively about the bike as it is very convenient and comfortable while riding so we suggest you analyze the specification and features and give a thought about the Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

For your convenience, we will discuss Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike’s specification, key features, and weaknesses.

Here are the specifications of the Marcy me-706.

Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike

Product dimensions57 x 24 x 42 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity300 pounds
Product weight105 PoundsWorkout programs23
MaterialSturdy steelResistance MechanismAdjustable
Adjustable position of the handlebarMulti-positionsResistance level24
The material of the seatFoam paddedUser age limit1-99
PedalsStrappedInseam range28 inches – 37 inches


The details of the key specifications are as follows:

1. Standard Dimension

The bike has a standard dimension that makes it convenient for workout equipment. The length of the bike is 57 inches, the width is 24 inches and the height is 42 inches.

Moreover, the weight of 105 pounds, which is neither too heavy nor too lightweight in terms of a recumbent bike. The standard and convenient specification of the bike make the storage handy and you can place the bike in any tiny corner of your home.

2. Heavy-duty Construction

The core material of the bike frame is sturdy steel that makes it harder and more durable. You can do effective and powerful exercises with the bike without facing any problem. The heavy-duty frame of the bike is a perfect combination of design, comfort, and better performance.

Moreover, the sturdy steel frame resists any type of chips, scratches, and damages from natural factors. The tough construction and sturdy material allow heavy use daily for a longer period.

3. Stylish Color

The Marcy me-706 comes in black color that makes its appearance stylish and elegant. The matte black color and perfect design make it an eye-catching piece for your home or office gym.

4. Multiple Programs

The bike has multiple workout programs that help you to do the workout in a customized way. There are 23 programs in the bike which are easily customizable. The workout programs include heart-rate, body-fat, weight-loss, etc. that help to personalize the workout modes as per your need and fitness level.

The multiple numbers of programs bring diversity and variety of the workout and make it more efficient. Any user can personalize their workout modes with numerous numbers of programs.

5. Diversified Age Limit

The bike is suitable for people that increase its compatibility and use. People having age from 10 to 99 can do the workout on this Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike.

The diversified age range of the bike makes it suitable for both younger and older people.

6. Easy To Assemble

The Marcy me 706 recumbent bike requires assembling but the assembling process is effortless.

The Marcy manufacturers provide the required tools and instruction manual for the convenience of their clients. You don’t need to pay anything extra for the tools as the manufacturers provide the necessary tools along with the recumbent bike.

7. Adjustable Resistance

Marcy me 706

The Marcy me-706 recumbent bike has 24 levels of resistance that help the users to set and adjust the smoothness and the intensity of their workout. Both beginners and advanced level users can ride on this bike for the changeable and adjustable resistance mechanism.

The magnetic resistance system simulates the outcome of riding in a diversified way. You can easily adjust the resistance through the console of the bike. The variety in resistance level allows the users to customize the intensity of their cardio as per their goal and fitness level.

8. User Weight Capacity

The bike that has a higher user weight-bearing capacity can accommodate more people than the bike that has a lower weight-bearing capacity. The Marcy me 706 has a maximum user weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds.

The higher user weight-bearing capacity of the bike makes it an eligible recumbent bike for offices, gyms, and larger families.

9. Heart Rate Sensors

The handlebars of the Marcy me 706 recumbent bikes include a heart rate sensor that makes the bike more flawless.

You can monitor your heart rate during an intense workout and also plan for your next workout routine based on your previously monitored heat rate. The heart rate monitoring helps you to know about your maximum limit and capacity of taking pressure.

10. Coaster Brake

The Marcy me-706 bike has a coaster brake which is another great feature of the bike. The coaster brakes are superior to any other type of bikes as it requires less maintenance.

The brake doesn’t need any cable to run which gives a simple and tidy appearance to the bike and also to your home. As the brake doesn’t require any cable to run you can easily move it from one place to another without any problem and also can fold it effortlessly.

11. Standard Inseam Range

The adjustability of the Marcy me-706 bike allows it to accommodate an extended number of people having inseam height from 28 to 37 inches.

People having inseam ranges from 28 to 37 inches can easily do work out on the bike just by adjusting the height of the seat.

12. LCD Monitor

There is a large computer just in front of your sight which will show your performance data on a real-time basis. You can track the data of your workout and easily maximize the level of your progress.

The LCD will show you the RPM, time, distance, speed, body fat, calories burned, watts, pulse, and pulse recovery. You can also set your desired program from the monitor to bring variation in your workout.

13. Adjustable Seat

The seat of the Marcy me-706 recumbent bike is fully adjustable and foam-padded. The design of the seat of the bike is ergonomic that provides additional comfort and helps to do an intense and powerful workout.

The design of the seat is also very feasible as it gives sufficient space for your legs. The seat is fully adjustable that makes the bike suitable for different users. The adjustment of the seat is very simple and quick for the lever-based mechanism and you can adjust the seat even when you are seated on it.

14. Adjustable Handlebar

Handlebars play significant roles for doing effective workout on the recumbent bike as a good pair of handlebars allow you to have enhanced control and balance over the bike as well as your body.

This recumbent bike has a pair of handles that allows you to push your exercise to the maximum level and place your hands in the most comfortable position. The handles high-density foam coating that gives ultimate comfort to your hands and allows you to do workouts for a longer period.

15. Toe-caged Pedals

The pedals are a very important fact that we should consider while getting a recumbent bike as the core exercise with the recumbent bike is to do pedaling. So it’s a fundamental condition to have a convenient pedal for a perfect recumbent bike.

The Marcy me 706 has gripped pedals that give proper balance and control during intense and powerful pedaling. Moreover, the pedals include straps or loops that prevent slippage which is an added safety for the riders.

16. Transportation Wheel

People sometimes need to move the bike for that the Marcy me 706 bike provides the transportation wheel. The bike has 2 transportation wheels in the front so that people can move it easily and effortlessly.

The transportation wheel helps to move the bike from one place to another without lifting or dragging it. Just unlock the transportation wheels and pull the bike to move it without any hassle.

17. Quiet exercise Experience

The magnetic resistance makes the workout smoother and generates a very less amount of sound and noise. You can do a workout without any disturbance to others at any time or anywhere.

Moreover, you can listen to music or enjoy your favorite show on TV without any commotion. The quietness of the bike makes it an eligible one for home, office, and gyms.

18. Built-in Speaker

The Marcy me-706 has built-in speakers with which you can enjoy your favorite music and feel motivated. The music will keep you more joyful and will inspire you to do more intense workouts.

19. AA Batteries

The recumbent bike doesn’t require any electric connection for riding. You will need AA batteries for the bike only can simply start pedaling.

20. Safe and Stable Riding

The bike has adjustable levelers that prevent jerks and shakes during an intense workout.

Moreover, you can also place the bike on uneven surfaces or floors and do a stable workout without any jiggle and movement.

21. Media Holder

There is a media holder on the bike in which you can keep your smart device and listen to your favorite music or watch TV shows.

The workout becomes less boring and more enjoyable which motivates you to do a workout for a longer time.

Product dimensions57 x 24 x 42 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity300 pounds
Product weight105 PoundsWorkout programs23
MaterialSturdy steelResistance MechanismAdjustable
Adjustable position of the handlebarMulti-positionsResistance level24
The material of the seatFoam paddedUser age limit1-99
PedalsStrappedInseam range28 inches – 37 inches



The Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike contains many good features and attributes which make the bike a perfect one. Though this bike has some slight weaknesses as well as no Bluetooth and water bottle holders.

Bluetooth helps to connect the bike with smart devices and helps to track your performance update. Water bottle holders help to keep you hydrated during intense pedaling without any interruption in your workout. If you can ignore these slight shortcomings of this recumbent bike, this will be a great option for doing powerful indoor biking.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I know about the resistance adjustability of the Marcy me 706?

The bike has magnetic resistance and there are 24 resistance levels in this bike. You can easily adjust the settings of your required resistance level simply from the console.

How much is the maximum weight-bearing capacity of the bike?

The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the bike is 300 pounds that allow heavy-weighted people to do the workout on this bike.

What is the age limit for using the Marcy me 706 bikes?

People with having an age range of 10 to 99 can do the workout on this bike. The bike is an ideal indoor workout machine for both young and old people.


We hope that we could successfully provide a clearer idea of the Marcy me 706 Recumbent Exercise Bike to our audiences. The comfortable design, handy features, adjustable seat, and handlebars make the bike suitable for people of different ages, sex, and fitness level.

So, whatever your age or fitness level is, you can go for the Marcy me-706 recumbent bike.

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