Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

Marcy recumbent exercise bike me-709 is a hot cake in the current fitness world.

So, are you keen to get informed regarding the fact that whether this Marcy me 709 is worthy of the value someone is going to spend on it or not?

Throughout our article, we are going to describe and then review all the fine points of this bike so that your decision making regarding purchasing a recumbent bike gets easier.

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike

MARCY is a brand of IMPEX company which is prevailing in the market since 1982. After the commencement of their journey, they speedily created a rock-hard presence of them in the industry of fitness gear manufacturers.

They produce numerous fitness gears and products for much eminent fitness equipment selling companies. From the very beginning, IMPEX accredited as well as acquired many esteemed brands. They manufacture fitness apparatus for most of the top sports merchandise sellers as well.

Currently, one of the main reasons behind the triumph of IMPEX is the sheer commitment it holds to deliver the greatest service to the customers. It provides the ground-breaking and finest products associated with fitness at a quite rationale price. So, it maintains the perfect balance between its quality and the price.

The well-planned design of all the Marcy me 709 recumbent bikes makes every user comfortable irrespective of their body shape and size. Moreover, it is a quite space-saving bike. If any user owns a Marcy magnetic resistance recumbent bike, then he will never require to step outside to do any challenging and exciting exercise.

Because this bike will allow them to do all sorts of pedalling exercises just remaining at home. Whether it is a basic training session for beginners, tough for the experts, or challenging for the adventure lovers, Marcy recumbent bike is perfect for everyone.

Marcy delivers its users the finest quality gear of fitness at a very reasonable price. This brand offers us some amazing indoor recumbent exercise bikes. Among all the models, the Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike is one of the most noteworthy options which is one of the most popular bikes of the current time. Now, let’s find out the specifications of the Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike


Product dimensions55.5 x 25 x 37.5 inchesAdjustable position of the seatForward and backward
Product weight61 poundsSeat dimensions10.25 x 16 inches
Material of the bikeSteel, plasticMaterial of the handlebarSoft foam
Performance monitor typeBasicMaterial of the seat and the back padHigh-density foam
Maximum user weight bearing capacity300 poundsType of foot strapsAdjustable
Construction of the seatMold injectionLevel of resistance8
Power source2AA Battery poweredResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
Adjustable inseam lengthMin 27 inches / Max 36 inchesDrive systemBelt drive


So, we are giving here the ins and outs description of all the above-mentioned momentous profits of the Marcy recumbent exercise bike me 709. We are expectant that, this article will properly help you in making the correct decision.

1. Adjustable Magnetic Tension

Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike includes the magnetic tension system which is manually adjustable. It comprises a magnetic pad associated with a wire of steel. When a user turns the knob to a higher level, the magnetic resistance pad rotates the position to increase the drag of the metallic flywheel and vice versa.

Here in this recumbent bike, you will find eight diverse levels of tension mechanisms available. These variations of levels permit every user to exercise as per his capabilities and preferences. It imposes the factors like inclined and declined pavement, gravity, bodyweight, etc. to the fitness session and makes the workout more efficient.

2. Convenient Transport Wheels

The useful transportation wheels let the user fluently transport this recumbent bike around their place without lifting it.

The tube of the front base has a set of transport wheels to easily move and smoothly relocate. Thus, it reduces any needless struggle to handle the bike.

3. Safe And Adjustable Bike Pedals

Marcy me 709 has two robust toe-cage pedals. Their material is PVC. These captive pedals shield the feet from slipping.

Also, they are so adjustable that any size of feet can fit into them. So, any user can ride this bike with utmost safety without the worry of feet slipping out of the pedals, especially during intense workout sessions.

4. Easy To Read and Intuitive Console

Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike features a convenient and basic console display monitor which is very effortless and easy to read. It displays all the necessary statistics one will expect on a monitor screen such as time, speed, calories burned, distance, and odometer.

In this console, the unit of the distance shown is miles whereas the unit of the speed shown is miles per hour. The odometer maintains the record of the entire miles cycled.

The scan role of the unit alternatively shows the stats of the workout. It shows each statistic for 4 seconds. As soon as the pedal of the bike moves, the console gets switched on. You can also power on the console display by switch pressing. This console automatically closes down if it remains inactive for 8 consecutive minutes.

You will need two AA-sized batteries to run it which normally last for 3 months. One important note to keep in mind is, after the replacement of the batteries, all the data stored in the console meter will reset themselves.

5. Strong Adjustment Knobs

All the adjustment knobs of the Marcy me 709 bike are so firm and strong that they do not let the set positioning of the bike move even for a bit.

These adjustable knobs allow each user to set the fitness bike as per his need and preference.

6. Two-way Adjustable Seat

The seat of this bike is movable in 2 ways, which are, onward and backward.

Therefore, according to the body length and individual’s needs, the user can set the proper placement of the seat.

7. Wide Array Hand Position

The handles of the Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike are widespread enough to ensure a comfortable riding experience. These contoured and foam-covered handlebars provide proper support to the arms and the back.

They help to maintain the proper form of body posture while exercising. These bars allow the user to have a firm grip. So ultimately, they are ensuring comfort and safety to the user.

8. Silent and Calm Ride

Most recumbent bikes are belt drives like Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike which features a whisper-silent and strong belt drive system. The entire drive system comprises a magnetic flywheel, a durable belt, a rock-hard pulley, and crank arms of steel. Furthermore, this durable belt does not require any sort of maintenance and it is also stretch-resistant.

The magnetic braking system of the bike is also absolutely noiseless which is perfectly appropriate to use anywhere. It is a perfect gear to use at the home gym as you will be free from the stress of troubling your nearby individuals and neighbors.

9. Cushioned Seat And Backrest

The seat and back pad of this recumbent bike delivers unlimited support. Their material is high-density foam. This premium quality foam ensures the super softness of the bike.

It provides supreme and proper coziness during exercise so that long hours of exercise cannot cause damage your posture, hurt your body, and make you feel bored or uninterested in fitness sessions.

10. Heavy Weight-bearing Capacity

It can endure user weight to the maximum level of 300 pounds. It is very important to be aware of the weight-bearing capacity of any fitness bike. Because any extra burden on the bike can cause danger to both the machine and its rider.

So, if the machine is having a greater capacity to bear weight, then the bike becomes more suitable for more users. And, Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike is acing in this field as it has a superior weight-bearing capacity which is greater than most other bikes of this price range.

11. Lightweight

Marcy me 709 is a very lightweight recumbent bike that weighs only 61 pounds. It is lighter than most other options of recumbent bikes available.

So, if you are looking for a recumbent bike that will be very light in weight to get the facility of easily move the bike, then Marcy me-709 will be an ideal choice.

12. Space-saving Design

It books a very diminutive place in your home or gym. Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike measures 55.5 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 37.5 inches in height.

Therefore, if someone is having a constraint related to spare space in his house to accommodate fitness gear, he can pick this option.

13. Sturdy Material

Marcy recumbent exercise bikes me 709 has a sturdy and strong frame. Here the material is heavy-duty construction and top-quality 14-gauge steel tube with the finish of powder coating.

It certifies the heftiness of the bike. Moreover, it supports gaining the target of a person’s fitness irrespective of the ride’s intensity.

14. Stabilizer

The back base of the Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike has spinning multilateral caps that perform as stabilizers.

These stabilizers help the bike to remain stable and jerk-less on the floor so that you can ride it without facing any unwanted disturbance.

15. Step-through Frame Design

The step-through frame design is quite supportive for maximum users and more convenient than the long upper tube ones.

This design allows happening maximum flexibility during a training session to quickly mount and dismount. It pacifies the knees ache and back pain. So, if any user has restricted ability or is suffering from physical issues, he will find this bike more supportive for their body.

16. Easy to Operate and Assemble

It is quite an easy task to operate and assemble the recumbent bike. The total chore of assembling this bike will not take more than an hour.

Also, with the packaging, it comes with all the mandatory papers and tools required to assemble the bike. Moreover, anyone can effortlessly learn the correct operating process of this bike within the least possible time.

17. Maintenance-free

Since the resistance system of the Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike is magnetic, there is almost nothing to do to maintain this bike.

You just need to remove the dirt and dust from the frame. You have to use a damp cloth for this wiping purpose. Moreover, you may sometimes need to re-tighten the bolts, knobs, and nuts if required.

18. Weighted Pedals

marcy me 709

The weighted pedals of this bike provide maximum foot support as well as offers ultimate control over the machine. Thus, they make your exercise more fruitful.

19. Greatly Values The Price

Marcy me 709 recumbent bike is most popular because of the price it offers. It is one of the most affordable recumbent bikes available on the market.

But, despite being so reasonably priced, it never compromises with its supreme quality which makes it a more demanding one.

Product dimensions55.5 x 25 x 37.5 inchesAdjustable position of the seatForward and backward
Product weight61 poundsSeat dimensions10.25 x 16 inches
Material of the bikeSteel, plasticMaterial of the handlebarSoft foam
Performance monitor typeBasicMaterial of the seat and the back padHigh-density foam
Maximum user weight bearing capacity300 poundsType of foot strapsAdjustable
Construction of the seatMold injectionLevel of resistance8
Power source2AA Battery poweredResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
Adjustable inseam lengthMin 27 inches / Max 36 inchesDrive systemBelt drive


Is there any weakness?

This basic recumbent bike Marcy me 709 lacks a device holder whose presence could enable the user to be entertained throughout the fitness session. The user could watch any favorite video or listen to any desired music.

He could even take part in any virtual training session by placing the mobile phone, the computer, or the tablet on the holder. Another lacking as per our analysis is the absence of a heart rate tracking or pulse sensor.

This feature would enable tracking the fitness performance more articulately and obtain a more accurate result. And the last deficiency we feel is regarding a water bottle holder which would facilitate you to keep the job of being hydrated easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Marcy me 709 resistance recumbent bike comes with a very helpful monitor console where it provides the facility of tracking and keeping the record of odometer along with some other necessary exercise performance statistics, such as distance, speed, time, and calories burned.

Is the length of the frame adjustable?

The length of the frame is fully adjustable. You can move the frame forward and backward within the range of 27 inches to 36 inches.

My weight is 120 kilograms. Can I ride this bike?

Yes, any person whose weight is within 136 pounds can ride this fitness bike.

Do I need to do a lot to maintain Marcy me 709 properly?

No, basically this recumbent bike is maintenance-free as the resistance system of this bike is magnetic. All you need to do is dust off any extra dirt with a damp cloth and re-tighten the nuts and bolts if required.

So, what is the final verdict?

Marcy ME 709 is this much popular because of its affordability. It is a simple, yet efficient model. It comes with a set of basic features. If you want to experience comfortable cardio exercise by staying indoors, then this equipment is the perfect solution. Its considerate design is comfortable for users of diverse sizes.

The adjustment of the seat accommodates several leg lengths. The design of a step-through frame eradicates the brawl to get onto the bike. The foam-coated handlebars offer you supreme comfort and constancy while working out, specifically when you upturn the intensity.

Overall, it is an excellent fitness machine for light training of the cardiovascular system, muscle toning, and stamina building. Therefore, if you are in search of a low-cost fitness bike with the decent build quality, and this option will be the best to choose.

Bottom Line

Marcy me 709 magnetic resistance recumbent bike is a wonderful recumbent bike for the indoor workout which will permit you to enjoy every feature you can expect in a competent recumbent bike. It turns every workout experience into an effective session.

Similarly, it guarantees a customized experience to every user so that he can work out as per his requirements. It also ensures supreme comfort and ease for each user. So, according to our study, Marcy me 709 is acing in all the field and it does out-and-out justice to its price.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Sakibul Islam
Sakibul Islam