Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Throughout this review, we will discuss the nautilus u616 upright bike which is one of the best and high-demanding exercise bikes in the USA in recent times.

Upright bikes are one of the most effective indoor exercise equipment that allows you to do an effective workout and helps to accomplish your fitness goal.

The article will let you know about both the major and minor specifications of the bike which will allow you to get a better idea of this nautilus u616 upright bike.

Nautilus u616 Upright Bike

Nautilus is one of the best exercise equipment manufacturing companies that deliver the best quality exercise pieces of equipment like elliptical, treadmills, upright bikes, etc. The Nautilus u616 upright bike is one of the most-selling indoor exercise bikes of Nautilus manufacturers.

The superior qualities, heavy-duty and durable built to make the bike an efficient workout machine. There are numerous good qualities of this nautilus u616 bike that will allow you to do an effective workout and help you to lose weight, build core muscles, and get a fit and healthier body.

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

Product dimensions12.5 x 22.5 x 41 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity300pounds
Product weight76 PoundsDrive systemHigh-inertia
The Material of the bikeSteelResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
MonitorLCDNumber of programs29
Adjustable position of the seatForward and backResistance level25


Product specifications:

The major product specifications of the Nautilus exercise bike u616 are below. We have segmented the specifications in three major criteria so that our audiences can understand better.

The description of the key features of the nautilus u616 upright bike is as follows:

1. Magnetic Adjustable Resistance

Resistance is an essential factor in any exercise bike because resistance determines the intensity and the smoothness of the workout. So if there are multiple levels of resistance in an indoor exercise bike, it means you can easily adjust the intensity of your exercise as per your requirement.

Moreover, if there is magnetic resistance in the bike you can go through an effective and smooth workout experience. This nautilus u616 bike has multiple levels of intensity level which will allow you to set the intensity of your ride according to your fitness goal and your desire for the workout intensity.

This indoor bike has wide 25 ranges of magnetic resistance which means you can set the resistance level of your workout from level one to level Twenty-five which is truly an amazing thing.

For example, the beginners may set the resistance level in lower numbers like 5 to 10 as the lower number of resistance also lowers the intensity level of the workout. On the other hand, the advanced level users can set the resistance level in a higher number like more than 20 to get high-intense pressure in their workout.

Additionally, magnetic resistance makes the workout smoother and noise-free which will allow you to ride for a long while.

2. LCD Monitor

nautilus u616

In the exercise bike, the LCD monitor is an important feature because it shows the progress of the riders. Nautilus u616 upright bike has two dual-track displays with blue backlit. There are 29 programs in the display system.

Multiple riders can use this bike because the display shows multiple profiles of the riders. There are various workout settings and rides that show real-time updates. The riders can set their goals like weight loss, cardio health, or create one geared and can also set the level of the resistance.

The screen shows the heartbeat rate, the distance that the rider has a cross, the speed of pedaling, the RPM, and many more. These signs of progress of the riders make them more confident and motivated to reach their goal in a shorter period.

3. Adjustable Seat

The seat of the Nautilus u616 exercise bike is comfortable and soft so that the riders can sit on it and do their exercise without any pain or stress. The seat is made of soft and premium pads. The riders can move the seat forward as well as backward so that they can adjust the seat as their comfort.

The dimension of the seat is user friendly and large. The length of the seat is approximately 11 inches and the width approximately 10 inches. Overall, the seat is very comfortable, wide, and made for every rider.

4. Maximum User Weight-bearing Capacity

The nautilus u616 upright bike has a weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds or 136 kilograms which is a quite higher measurement. If any bike has a higher user weight-bearing capacity it means that the bike can bear a lot of people with different weight levels and heavy-weighted people can easily do the workout on the bike to achieve their fitness goal effectively.

Heavier weight-bearing capacity is a significant factor ib an indoor exercise bike and while getting an exercise bike we should keep this fact in consideration. Very few bikes have this much weight-bearing capacity as this Nautilus bike. The higher weight-bearing capacity of the bike makes it an ideal choice for large families, offices, gyms, and other commercial purposes.

5. Heavier Flywheel

nautilus u616 bike

A flywheel is essential for every exercise bike as it is the key to the bike. The flywheel of the nautilus u616 upright exercise bike is a standard quality flywheel. The weight of the flywheel is 22 lbs which means it quite a heavy flywheel. The flywheel provides an intense as well as a smooth exercise experience.

This perimeter-weighted heavy flywheel also gives a silent exercise so that the riders don’t have to disturb anyone while pedaling. Overall, to have a heavier and effective flywheel is a great plus point of the nautilus u616 upright bike.

6. High-inertia Drive System

The nautilus u616 bike has a high-inertia and high-speed drive system that helps to start the workout easily. The effective drive system helps to have a smoother and consistent workout that fastens your calorie burns that increases the proportion of weight loss.

Moreover, a bike with having high-quality drive system will certainly help you to reach your fitness destination.

7. Dimension and Weight

A convenient dimension and handy weight make the exercise bike more convenient. The nautilus u616 upright bike is 12.5 inches long, 22.5 inches wide, and 41 inches high.

The weight of the bike is 76 pounds or 34.47 kilograms which are quite lightweight. You can have effective exercise with better balance and control.

8. Quieter and Smoother Workout

The weighted flywheel, high-inertia, and high-speed drive system allow riding smoother and quieter.

You don’t have to disturb your surrounding people during your workout on this bike as the bike creates a very low sound which is an additional advantage; you can exercise anywhere and any while with this bike.

9. Numerous Programs

29 extensive workout programs allow different users to meet their workout requirements. The training programs are very unique and you can choose anyone from the present programs and do an effective workout.

The workout programs include weight loss, interval training, cardio health, etc. that gears up the accomplishment of your specific fitness goal. You can anyone from the built-in programs and customize the intensity, force, and smoothness of your workout according to your purpose.

10. Striped Pedals

The bike has striped pedals that prevent slippage during forceful and intense pedaling.

A pair of good quality Pedals is a significant factor for an exercise bike as the core exercise with a bike is to do intense pedaling. The striped pedals of the bike helps to have proper balance and control during the ride.

11. Bluetooth Connectivity

The nautilus u616 has enhanced Bluetooth connectivity that helps the users to set the goal and track the progress.

You can easily connect your smart device with the exercise bike and monitor the advancement to your specific goal with Bluetooth connectivity.

12. App Accessibility

The bike has app accessibility that will permit you to access the “explore the world app” which helps to digitally engross in virtual courses, stunning trails, and exotic locales.

There are three free courses available and you have to subscribe to the app to unlock more. The app-accessibility makes the exercise less monotonous and more enjoyable and fun.

13. Bottle Holder

Sometimes the riders become thirsty when they do exercise for a long time and they need to stop their exercise to drink the water. Also, it is necessary to be hydrated during the workout. But in the nautilus u616 upright bike there is a built-in water bottle holder.

A 3 ¼ inches diameter bottle would be suitable for the water bottle holder. Now, the riders can have their water or favorite drinks within their reach. So, we can say now the exercise will be healthier and rider can do it for a longer time.

14. Media Tray

The bike has not only a bottle holder but also a media tray. A media holder is a support where the riders can put their smart devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. As a rider, you can use your mobile phone or tablets to watch videos, listen to music, and a lot more.

You can put your favorite book and read it while exercising. The media tray makes the exercise enjoyable and helps to ride for a longer duration. So, the media holder is a comfort for the riders.

Product dimensions12.5 x 22.5 x 41 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity300pounds
Product weight76 PoundsDrive systemHigh-inertia
The Material of the bikeSteelResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
MonitorLCDNumber of programs29
Adjustable position of the seatForward and backResistance level25


The bike is almost a perfect indoor stationary bicycle that anyone looks for with amazing attributes. Though there are some tiny shortcomings in this bike that are easily ignorable. The first thing is the seat of the bike is adjustable in two ways which are forward and backward.

That means you will not be able to adjust the seat upward or downward. Another lacking of this bike is it doesn’t have a transportation wheel so you have to drag or lift the cycle for moving it.

However, the weight is not that heavy so it will not be that much difficult to move the bike. If you can disregard these two lacking the bike, you can certainly go for the nautilus u616 upright bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

To what extend I can adjust the resistance of the nautilus u616 upright bike?

The nautilus u616 upright bike has adjustable magnetic resistance which gives a smoother workout experience. There are 25 wide ranges of resistance levels in this bike which means you can set the resistance level anywhere between levels 1 to level 25.

What is the maximum user capacity of the nautilus u616 upright bike?

The maximum user weight-bearing capacity of this bike is 300 pounds which is truly a higher measurement. Any person who weights up to 300 pounds can ride this bike and do a successful workout to chase his or her fitness aim.

Is there Bluetooth connectivity in the bike?

Yes, there is Bluetooth connectivity in this nautilus exercise bike u616. As we know with Bluetooth connectivity we can connect the bike to our smart devices and can use various apps to track our fitness updates which are an added advantage.

How many programs are there is the nautilus u616 bike?

There are 29 pre-built programs in this nautilus u616 bike that allows selecting the suitable ones as per your requirements. There are various built-in programs like weight loss, interval training, cardio health, etc which help to accomplish your fitness goal.


The nautilus u616 upright bike has all the features that make it a perfect upright bike for both home and gym use. With the adjustable magnetic resistance, High-inertia drive system, and heavier flywheel, you can have an effective, quiet, and smooth workout experience.

The adjustable seat, convenient pedals, and numerous programs allow you to have a customized and perfect fit. There are plentiful secondary features as well like media tray, bottle holder, Bluetooth connection, app accessibility, etc. which enhance the comfort and convenience of your workout.

From the above comprehensive discussion, we can easily conclude that the nautilus u616 upright bike is a first-rate deal for having an indoor exercise bike.

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