Recumbent Bike Workout For Beginners

Exercise guide for beginners with the recumbent bike to lose weight recumbent bike is a lucrative and useful option for losing weight, especially for the beginners as it required minimum establishment hassle, less systematic problem with a reasonable price also.

If you want to be free from the extra fat from your body and you are confused about where to start! We have come with an exercise routine with a recumbent bike to lose weight as early as possible for both the beginners and experts.

Workout session

You can do exercise with two-interval, doing cardio in short to high intensity with less intense. Make a one-minute top extreme speed on the cycle with a thirty-second range of medium to slow training sessions. You can do this by increasing and decreasing the brakes or pedals; it will help to speed up and build up the confrontation.

It has the option to set the time and use according to your needs, but the standard range is one to one ration to do activity and rest. But if you are new to using the recumbent bike, apply two to one ratio as your recapture time is longer.

So for the initial step, you better use 30 seconds of high to a low-intensity workout session, do this to adjust it with your body. Once your body gets used to it, you can increase the intensity level to one minute and hold your recapture period to one minute.

Recumbent bike interval routine

It best to start the bike exercise with a warm-up. While doing the warm-up, your body gets ready, and muscles began to loosen up for doing high-intensity exercise. It also prevents your body from exercise shock.

Five to ten-minute warm-up is a must for any kind of activity, so do for a recumbent bike. After the warm-up and sweating session, you can follow the below routine-

  • Only pedal with leg at 95percent competence for at least 30 second
  • For recovery, drop the confrontation or resistance to speed 30 seconds.
  • Then again speed up the pedal to 85 percent competence for 30 seconds, and another recovery period of 30 seconds.
  • Do the above two for at least 20 minutes
  • After the 20 minutes of exercise, take rest and cool down for at least five minutes.

This method is a simple example or demo of exercise interval you can do at your bike at home. It always better to adjust the interval level according to your body condition.

If you have a recumbent bike with multiple resistance levels, you can use the following workout routine. Following a routine is for generally available recumbent bikes, but you better choose your method according to the cycle you avail.

  • Level 8 for five minutes with 90 RPM
  • Level 15 for one minute with 80 RPM
  • Level 1, 30 seconds with 50 RPM
  • Level 15 for one minute with 80 RPM
  • Level 1, one minute with 80 RPM
  • Level 15 for one minute with 80 RPM
  • Level 1 for 30 seconds with 50 RPM

Do the alternatives between level one for 1 minute to level 15 for 30 seconds or at least 20 minutes or up to your desire time.
You have to maintain some significant rules to get the best out of your exercise.

Like you should try to work faster or harder as much as you can, try to pedal harder and then get your leg to the rest portion slowly. Do not move or talk while resting as the resting period is for boosting the energy and save energy for a workout session.

Get a pair of dumbbells

For fast weight loss and body shaping, you better use a pair of dumbbells with the recumbent bike for your upper body exercise. The perfect weight of dumbbells is eight to ten for women and ten to twenty for men.

Giving harder pedal on the bike will shape your lower body parts, and using dumbbells will form your upper may require more energy, but it also boosts up the weight loss or fat burning session. The tired and burning feeling while doing exercise with the dumbbells and bike will keep you more healthy and fit.

You may give rest to your upper body but keep exercising your lower body part, leg. And again, start doing upper body exercise after resting as soon as possible.

It’s better to set the bike on manual mood and then adjust the resistant level as following:

  • Do body punches for two minutes with 80 RPM at level 8
  • Then two-minute interval with 70 RPM at level 10
  • Do shoulder press for two minutes with 60 RPM at level 12
  • One minute interval with 70 RPM at level 4
  • Side raise for two minutes with 80 RPM at level 9
  • Two-minute range with 70 RPM at level 11
  • Alternative press on the shoulder for two minutes with 80 RPM at level 13
  • Two-minute range with 70 RPM at level 4
  • Front raise with 80 RPM for two minutes at level 10
  • Two-minute range with 70 RPM at level 12
  • Upright row with 60 RPM for two minutes at level 14
  • One minute interval with 70 RPM for one minute at level 8
  • Finally do alternatives triceps, biceps, and curls for at least 4 minutes with 90 RPM at level 8
  • Set the resistance level and build endurance

The following exercise or workout session is for boosting up the energy and create a higher endurance level. It may give you a tired or burning feeling, but it is perfect for your body. You have to set your bike on manual and adjust the levels with the following guide.

  • Level 8 for 5 minutes with RPM 90
  • Level 11 for 4 minutes with 80 RPM
  • Level 13 for 3 minutes with v 65
  • Level 15 for 2 minutes with 50 RPM
  • Level 2 for 1 minute with 50 RPM
  • Level 12 for 4 minutes with 80 RPM
  • Level 14 for 3 minutes with 65 RPM
  • Level 16 for 2 minutes RPM 50
  • Level 2 for 1 minute with RPM 50

Always feel free to modify the routine according to your bikes programs and your current body condition. If the method is too hard for you, just increase the interval and rest period and adjust your body. And if this serial is easy for you, then increase the levels or do the second phase.

Do the pre-set workout plans

If your bike is digital or advanced, it might have so many pre-set functions or workout plan to do. You can choose the most needed for you, among the pre-set workout plans.

It allows you to do a different kind of exercise and prevent you from getting bored.

Some additional tips for the beginners to use a recumbent bike

The recumbent bike is handy to lose weight only if it uses appropriately, and you can get the best out of it, follow the above routine, and also try to consider the following issues to get the best from your home recumbent bike.

Seat adjustment

Adjusting the seat of the bike is one of the most significant factors to remember if you want to lose weight. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who ignore the fact and make a mistake. Most of these exercise bikes have the option to adjust the seat and make it comfortable.

You can just upward, downward, or sideward the chair to get your comfortable position to do the exercise. An uncomfortable seat is a barrier to do your workout, as given above. And also you will feel restless and tired fast with it.

Extended help

This step is nothing but an initial level of doing any workout. Do a little warm-up session before doing any kind of training or conditioning.

It’s better to stretch your body parts like shoulders, back arms, hips, etc. And this rule is also applicable for doing exercise at a recumbent bike.

Startup or warm up with the recumbent bike

Some people like to start the exercise just doing the little warm-up session, but some others want to do at least five minutes of warm-up at the cycle, which helps prepare your body for the further high intensive workout session.

This step will not only just loosen your muscle but also increase the body temperature and gets sweating more, which is very good for losing weight fast.

Right posture

This thing is something essential that all your effort can go to vain if your body posture is not in the correct position. If you don’t do the exercise with the correct form, you will not get the proper result from your activity.

The posture is essential for all kinds of workout or training sessions like yoga, aerobics, or even warm-up session. The most important fact is that the wrong position can get your injured or can harm your specific body parts for the longer run. So before doing the above workout routine, you better focus on your body form or posture to get the best result.

Determine the right resistance

Some people don’t know about the certain resistant level choose it too high or too low, where both are not good for your body, and it will not give you’re the precise result of body fitness activity. There is no need to focus on the resistant level to reduce weight fast; you have chosen the perfect level for the ideal outcome.

The right resistant level is significant to lose weight fast and keep your body fit for a more extended period.


Duration of doing the workout is also necessary to remember, where to stop and how much to stop. Just set up the resistance correctly.

Maintain consistency ad track the progress

If you want to lose weight, then you can stop the workout suddenly; you have to maintain the proper consistency, and also, it’s better to keep an appropriate track of your progress for better results.

Diet is most important

If you want to lose your weight fast, maintaining a proper diet is one of the essential things to consider. All your efforts will go to vain with one over calorie junk food.

There is no point in doing exercise and burn fat and then gain it again with unplanned diet. So it’s crucial to maintain a planned diet.

Doing both the planned menu and regular exercise can only give you a healthy and fit life; it helps to shape your body and gives you beautiful and young skin.

The below accessories need to use-

Wearing exercise or sauna suits

It can help you to more sweating, and we all know that sweating can give you a better feeling with excessive fat burning, famous researchers and study shown that it is also perfect for health as it can provide below facilities:

  • Fat burning
  • Losing weight
  • Producing energy in muscles
  • Getting fitness of aerobic
  • Decreasing the level of blood sugar

Exercise shoes

To be careful about the training shoes is one of the vital safety issues. The shoes should be:

  • Accurate size
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Leather-based sneaker
  • The rubber sole is preferable


The way or method of doing exercise with the recumbent bike is way more useful than you think, it will help the beginners lose weight a lot, but of course, it will take time and dedication.

You can achieve your desire weight goal by maintaining the proper regularity with the above exercise methods with a recumbent bike.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Sakibul Islam
Sakibul Islam