Salma Hayek Workout Routine

Here we have rounded up everything about Salma Hayek workout and diet plans to let you know how she stays fit, appealing, and confident.

Salma is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The Mexican and American actress is 56 years old now, but she has aged gracefully.

Salma still has a super-toned personality, which is proof that age is just a number for her.

Millions of her fans on Instagram want to know how she maintained an ageless appearance throughout her career. Read on to find out the answer.

Salma Hayek Diet Plan

Breakfast: Salma Hayek starts her day with a healthy and delicious breakfast comprising vegetables, fruits, and berries.

Lunch: Chicken sandwich and avocado. She also loves tamales cooked by her mother.

Dinner: Latin food. Think duck tacos, seafood guacamole.

Salma never stops herself from eating anything. She likes to eat and wants to have whenever and whatever she needs. However, she keeps a check on her weight.

The American actress enjoys a lot of fruits and vegetables in general. She tries to eat organic products whenever possible. However, Salma does not eat a lot of sugar.

Also, she prefers a glass of wine instead of dessert. The 56-year-old is curvy and she does not want to be skinny. But the actress cuts down alcohol and carb-rich food items when the weight scale goes high.

Juices: Salma thinks her beauty, attractive skin, and perfect body shape are because of her genetics. Plus, she consumes antioxidants to stay in shape.

The actress mixes the carrots, beetroot, apple, and peeled lemon to prepare a healthy juice. She has been enjoying this juice for the last 15 years. You can also try this recipe to keep yourself fit and energetic.

Refreshing method: Whenever Salma is restarting her diet plan or about to visit an event, she goes through a juice cleanse for 3 to 5 days. The beautiful actress states that juices are meditation for her body. It helps her reboot even after poor eating.

Salma turns toward food when she is stressed. Emotional eating is not new for us. However, juice cleansing helps her to reduce its damage and also motivates her to eat nutritious diets. The 56-year-old actress used to enjoy fresh juice in Mexico.

However, she is unable to find the same quality in Los Angeles. Salma also owns a juice cleanse brand named Cooler Cleanse.

We appreciate Salma’s technique to stay fit and healthy. She can follow such diet plans if it works for her. However, the same method might not be beneficial for you. So, consult a health expert before you include such diet patterns in your lifestyle.

Salma Hayek Workout Routine

Salma does not enjoy workouts and she is never shy to say it everywhere. Instead of an exercise schedule, the beautiful actress manages her weight with the help of healthy intake. Still, she performs some physical activities to keep her body in shape.

The Mexican and American actress works out with a personal trainer, Sara Sheats – the owner of Ugi Fit. She states Salma pushes her body to accomplish new challenges. Both of them created an accessible workout plan that the actress can perform anywhere, in the hotel room, house or gym. It’s because she is always on the move.

Salma Hayek works out for five days every week. Her workout sessions last for 30 minutes. She keeps the workout duration short and intense. The actress prefers interval-based exercises and HIIT.

Salma Hayek workout plan comprises burpees, alternating push-ups, plank, jump squats, tricep dips, and sit-ups. She performs all the exercises for 60 seconds. Apart from that, the actress practices kickboxing and Pilates.

You can also take inspiration from Salma Hayek workout and diet. Perform all these exercises after warming up for 15 to 20 minutes. You can include weightlifting to train your muscles and make them stronger.

Pilates: Salma Hayek workout plan includes Pilates and the actress attends its classes whenever she is available. You can also try this form of workout because it’s one of the best ways to keep your body fit.

Pilates also keeps your spine strong and strengthens your core. These are the primary reasons why Salma prefers this workout. She maintains perfect postures in all events and Pilates improves her body structure and keeps her core muscles strong.

Walking: Salma loves animals and we love her for that. She is also an animal-rights activist. The beautiful actress has multiple pets and walking one of her dogs is her favorite exercise. Walking is a great exercise, especially if you want a strong and toned lower body.

Restorative yoga: Salma lacks the motivation to work out. Plus, she is always busy. She used to work for around 20 hours every day. Therefore, she learned how to activate her muscles through restorative yoga.

The actress uses the method to keep her muscles activated throughout the day. We all know how ravishing Salma looks whenever she faces the camera.

Active life: Salma enjoys her life. The American actress is thankful for every moment she lives. She loves horse riding and rollerblading with friends. All these physical activities keep her life active and contribute to her fitness.

Massage: Plastic surgery and botox are popular among celebrities, but Salma never went under the knife. Instead, she enjoys massage.

The actress say massage improves blood circulation, oxygenates the muscles, and keeps them strong. We agree with her. Massage is not a form of workout, but it’s necessary to relax your muscles and keep them firm.

Other points Salma follows to stay fit

  • She incorporates dancing into her lifestyle: Salma Hayek never tries hard to sweat inside the gym. However, whenever she workout, she makes the session interesting by adding some dancing steps into it.
  • Lives every moment of life: Salma Hayek takes a break and enjoys a beer on the beach whenever she wants. The Mexican American actress supports a balanced life. Staying satisfied with the things you are doing and happiness is a significant part of fitness. So, take breaks whenever you feel overwhelmed by your crushed lifestyle.
  • Spend time swimming: Scroll down the Instagram page of Salma Hayek and you will see a lot of beach images. She loves swimming. It’s one of her priorities. And why not. This physical activity boosts your cardiovascular fitness and works on all the muscles of your body. It’s also a great workout for anyone recovering from lower body injuries.
  • She eats what she likes: Salma Hayek workout diet does not exist because she eats anything that feeds her soul. For instance, ice cream. However, she maintains a nutritional diet plan to ensure weight management.

Final Thoughts

Salma Hayek is a symbol of positivity. The beautiful actress knows what she likes and never forgets to enjoy those things. Plus, she knows how to take care of her body.

Salma maintains a healthy diet, works out, and lives an active life. She follows all these points even though she does not want them. You have to respect this willpower. We do.

We hope you can take benefits from Salma Hayek workout and diet plans. She is an inspiration for all fitness lovers. You can try and be like her by following a consistent training schedule and a healthy diet.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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