Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

People who want a fit body go to the gym. But sometimes we cannot go to a gym for that we can buy exercise machines in our home.

There are so many exercise bikes but a few are best for exercise and one of them is Schwinn a10 upright bike. This bike has countless outstanding features.

So, if you want to buy an exercise bike, we suggest you look at the specifications and give a thought about it to buy.

In this article, we are going to talk about the specification, key features, weaknesses of the Schwinn a10 upright bike.

Schwinn a10 Upright Bike

Schwinn a10 upright bike is an excellent bike with outstanding attributes. It has premium features as well as a smart look and the features are easy to use.

Its customers gave a lot of positive reviews about its features, comfort, and looks. The material of the Schwinn a10 upright bike is very durable which is why it can bear a large weight.

It has many digital conveniences and the comfort level is high for the customers. Now, here is the specification of is Schwinn a10 upright bike.

schwinn a10 upright bike review

Item dimension27.5 x 16.5 x 47.5 inNumber of resistances8
Item weight62.7 poundsResistance systemMagnetic
Maximum height of bike50 inMaximum weight capacity:275 lbs.
MaterialMetalPortability: 2 transportation wheels
DisplayLCDWide and adjustable seat:Up, down, forward and backward
Workout Programs7Material of the seatPadded


1. Easy To Assemble

Schwinn a10 upright bike is sent in parts to customers. The parts are light to lift. The customers need to assemble the parts. It is very easy to assemble the bike.

You do not need anyone’s help or instructions because the manufacturers provide the necessary tools and, in the manual, there are detailed instructions on how to assemble the bike. You just have to read the instructions carefully, follow that and you will find an amazing bike in a few minutes.

2. Durable Material

Schwinn a10 exercise bike is made of durable material so it has a great life.

It is made of metal so it means it is durable so it can carry a high weight rider easily.

3. Standard Dimension

Schwinn a10 bike has a standard dimension. The length of the bike is 27.5 inches which is a good length for the upright bike.

The width is 16.5 inches and the height is 47.5 inches but you can increase the height up to 50 inches so the tall riders can also ride the bike more comfortably. This dimension makes the bike more convenient and easier to ride.

4. Lightweight Bike

The Schwinn a10 upright bike is a light-weight bike but has a durable Frame.

The weight of the bike is 62.7 pounds which is lighter than many bikes and its flywheels are also light. So, it is easy while assembling the bike.

5. Various Workout Programs

The Schwinn a10 exercise bike has 7 versatile workout programs that give an amazing experience with effective results in a short period.

There is a start at mode and six-course profiles which is a good deal at this price.

6. Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The resistance of the bike is the magnetic resistance which is a great resistance mechanism for upright bikes. The bike provides 8 levels of resistance which makes a difference in speed.

If you are a beginner, you can start with level 1 and gradually you can increase the levels and make it more challenging so that you can increase your fitness level and ability so that you can be an expert.

7. Deployable in Small Space

Schwinn a10 upright bike is deployable in a small space because the width and length are not too large to place it. The length is 27.5 inches and the width is 16.5 inches.

So, if you do not have a big space for the exercise bike you can buy this bike because it avoids the wastage of big place.

8. Wide LCD Screen

schwinn a10 upright exercise bike

The Schwinn a10 bike includes an in-built large-size LCD screen so that you can track your growth.

It shows the speed of the flywheel, the distance that you crossed, revolution per minute (RPM), calories that you have burnt during the workout, the heartbeat rate of the rider, and the results.

You can manage the program to start the bike through the LCD screen. As the screen is large so the font size is also big so you will not have any problem reading the progress.

9. Padded and Adjustable Seat

The seat is one of the highly praised features of the Schwinn a10 exercise bike. It has perfect length and width. The length of the bike is 10 inches and the width is 6 inches.

A high-quality cushion is the material of the padded seat and it is contoured so that the riders can enjoy the ride whenever they workout.

You can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally which means up /down and forward/backward. There is a knob for adjusting the seat in the bike.

10. Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebars are the support of the riders when they exercise. They grab the handlebars and ride the bike. The handlebars are adjustable like you can move them horizontally.

There is a heartbeat sensor that measures your heartbeat rate through the pulses. The handgrip of the handlebars is comfortable for the riders.

11. Higher User Weight Capacity

The bike is durable because of its premium metal material that is why it can support a higher weighted user without any damage.

The maximum user weight capacity is up to 275 lb. So, we can say the strongest people can ride the bike without damaging the bike.

12. Light and Super Speedy Flywheel

The flywheel of the Schwinn a10 exercise bike is very swift and smooth. The perimeter-weighted flywheel makes the exercise more comfortable and smoother.

The manufacturer made the flywheel light but it gives a wonderful effective workout. It is a convenient flywheel for the upright bike and every rider.

13. Quiet Exercise Experience

Customers reviewed that the Schwinn a10 bike does not create any noise. It is super silent while pedaling. You can listen to your music silently without any noise.

Your family members, roommates, neighbors will not be disturbed and complain to you for any sound so you can exercise in the day as well as night without breaking anyone’s sleep.

14. Smart Look

The features of the bike are very convincing as well as look.

The dimension, material, and other convenience make the bike smart. The bike is available in black color which makes the bike more stylish.

15. Water Bottle Holder

To make the rider more comfortable the manufacturers think about their hydration level of the body so they include a water bottle holder for the riders.

While exercising the body becomes dehydrated so the rider needs to drink water or healthy juice. That is why they provided the water bottle holder so the rider can reach the bottle anytime.

16. Media Holder

The bike also has a media holder that means you can put your phone, tablet, iPad so that you can watch videos, listen to music. You can also keep your book to read while cycling.

When you cycle for a long time it becomes boring so that you can use your phone or other devices to entertain yourself. To keep these devices the media holder is essential.

17. Easy Mobility

You can easily move the bike because it has a transportation system which means there are two wheels for moving it without any trouble and damage to the bike. You do not need any additional strength to shift the bike.

If there was not any wheel you had to lift the bike for moving it which could cause muscle strain but now if you want to move or store away it, you can use the wheels.

18. Speaker

There is a built-in speaker in the bike which is a great additional feature compared to the price. You can connect the speaker to your phone or tablet through a USB port.

You can listen to music whiling pedaling so that you can exercise for a long time without being bored. The sound quality of the speaker amazing and high. There is no disturbing noise in the speaker.

19. USB Charging Port

The manufacturer provides a USB port so that you can connect your phone or tab with the speaker and linter to music.

You can also charge your devices with it.

Item dimension27.5 x 16.5 x 47.5 inNumber of resistances8
Item weight62.7 poundsResistance systemMagnetic
Maximum height of bike50 inMaximum weight capacity:275 lbs.
MaterialMetalPortability: 2 transportation wheels
DisplayLCDWide and adjustable seat:Up, down, forward and backward
Workout Programs7Material of the seatPadded



The Schwinn a10 upright bike has the best quality features and we can say the bike is almost perfect for any rider. But there is some weakness in the bike and these are:

Backrest: The seat is very wide and comfortable for the users but there is no backrest so some riders who have back pain can suffer from it

Bluetooth connectivity: There is no Bluetooth connectivity in the bike so you cannot connect your device through Bluetooth and so that you cannot you use the performance tracking app and the virtual reality app.

Fan: The bike has no fan on the LCD screen which is a weakness for it.

Backlit display: The bike provides an LCD screen but it has no backlit so some costumer may have a problem to read but the font is big so it can be ignored.

These are the weakness of the Schwinn a10 upright bike but compare to the price this weakness is not so effective to the riders. That is why this bike is perfect from every side and we suggest you buy this bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Q-factor of the pedals?

Q-factor is the distance between the outer edge of one pedal to the outer edge of another pedal. The q-factor of the pedals is approximately 15 inches.

What is the height range for the bike?

The bike is for every kind of rider such as short, tall, etc. because its seat is adjustable so you can adjust the seat as your height. So, we can say, approximately the height range is 4’6” to 6’6”.

What is the weight of the flywheel?

The weight of the flywheel is 10 lbs. The flywheel is very light but it is very fast and gives a smooth and silent workout.


Schwinn a10 upright bike is an exercise bike with a super-speedy and light-weighted flywheel that available in black color. It is made of durable materials so it can bear higher weight and needs very small space to set it up. The padded seat and the handlebars are adjustable.

A wide LCD screen is included and has 7 preset programs and multiple profiles. The magnetic resistance is also adjustable and has 8 levels of resistance. The dimension and weight indicate that it is a standard upright bike for all types of riders.

The bike does not create any type of noise or sound so it makes the workout experience more amazing and relaxed. The bike has a water bottle holder and a media holder.

The bike includes a speaker so you can listen to your favorite music while exercising and also a USB charging port so that you can connect your device and charge it.

The bike has also a portability system so that users do not have to face the difficulty of moving the bike. The features are very easy to use for the riders. Overall, the Schwinn a10 upright bike is a good deal at a relevant price.

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