Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B1714

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best indoor cycling bikes: Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1714 so that you can know whether it fills your criteria or not.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1714

Sunny Health and Fitness bikes are one of the best exercise bikes. These bikes have impressive features that help you to reduce your fats and make you fit and strong.

These bikes are now popular in the market and well known to the fitness freaks. Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1714 is one of the best products. Now here is the specification of the SF-B1714 indoor bike.

Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro

The material of the bikeSteelResistanceAdjustable Magnetic
Dimensions48.5 x 24 x 53.5 inFlywheel44 lbs
Product weight135.6 PoundsUser capacity330 lbs
Adjustable position of the seatUp, down, forward and backDrive mechanismBelt drive
Adjustable position of the handlebarsUp, down, forward and backMinimum Inseam28 inches
The material of the seatPadMaximum inseam37 inches
Minimum distance seat to handlebar18.5 inchesMaximum distance seat to handlebar24 inches


1. Standard Physical Appearance

Sunny health and fitness sf-b1714 indoor cycling bike is a steel made bike. Its length is 48.5 inches. The width of the bike is 24.0 inches and the height is 53.5 inches. It is an impeccable dimension.

The weight of the product is 135.6 pounds that means it is a heavy-duty bike. The minimum inseam is 28 inches and the maximum inseam is 37 inches which means it is a convenient bike for small, medium and tall height people.

The minimum distance of the seat to the handlebar 18.5 inches and the maximum distance is 24 inches.

2. Easy to Assemble

The sunny sf-b1714 exercise bike is a low maintenance bike that is easy to use and also easy to assemble.

You can assemble the bike part by part within a few minutes without any help. In the manual, you can have detailed instructions.

3. Elegant Black Colour

The sunny indoor bike is available in elegant black colour. The bike is perfect in every way.

It has incredible features and also stylish colours. So that you can place it in your living spaces without hesitation.

4. Heavy-duty Flywheels

sunny sf-b1714

The weight of the flywheel of the bike is 44 lbs. which is heavier than most of the bikes which can be effective for your body.

A heavy-duty flywheel can make an impact on the body of the rider and makes the workout more efficient. The flywheel is not only heavy but also speedy and stable so that riders can exercise smoothly.

As a result, you can exercise for a long time in this indoor cycle and it will give you results in a short time. Overall, it is a standard flywheel for the indoor bike.

5. Adjustable Magnetic resistance

The sf-b1714 indoor exercise bike has the feature of adjustable magnetic resistance. You can use it for a long time without any maintenance.

The magnetic resistance system makes your workout more efficient and convenient. You can adjust the magnetic resistance that means you can increase and decrease or make it comfortable or challenging.

The magnetic resistance will not make noise so that you can exercise anywhere without disturbing your family members or roommates.

So that we can say it is a convenient magnetic resistance system because you can adjust the resistance and exercise smoothly for a long time.

6. Emergency Stop Brake

The manufacturer made the bike for the riders so they not only think about the fitness but also the safety. So that they included an emergency push down brake to avoid any accident.

While riding the bike if you feel any trouble you can push down the brake and the wheel will be stopped immediately.

7. Durable Steel Frame

sf-b1714 exercise bike

The Sunny sf-b1714 bike is made of high-quality steel so that it makes the bike durable and heavy.

The heavy-duty steel frame is strong and unbreakable so that you can use the bike for a long time. Also, it can carry a higher weight of users.

The bike is built for the toughest, strongest fitness freaks so that they can also use it comfortably and without causing damage to the bike. So, the body of the bike is sturdy, solid and durable for everyone.

8. Higher Weight Capacity

The fitness bike can bear a higher user weight up to 330 pounds. The heavy-duty high-quality steel makes the bike more durable so it can carry this large number of weights without causing any damage.

If you are healthy and want to buy an indoor exercise bike this is a perfect choice because it can carry a heavyweight. Riders can ride the bike confidently without any tension.

9. The Smooth Belt Drive Mechanism

Two types of bikes are available in the market. One is the chain drive bike and the other is the belt drive bike. The chain drive bikes need requirements such as oil.

But the belt drive mechanism needs low maintenance and is lighter than the chain drive mechanism. The belt of this bike is made of tough rubber which can be a key factor in your exercise and give you an effective result.

It transfers the power from the pedal to the flywheel. It is quiet and does not make noise. It gives a smooth and longer workout.

10. Standard Q-factor

Q-factor is the height from hip to leg anatomy. The standard Q-factor makes your workout more efficient and effective.

The Q-factor of this bike is 216 mm, which is a standard Q-factor.

13. Resistance Control Knob

The resistance level is adjustable. You can easily increase or decrease the tension level very easily with the help of the resistance control knob.

12. 4-way Adjustable Handlebar

SF-B1714 indoor bike has a 4-way adjustable handlebar which means you can adjust the handlebar up, down, forward and backward.

It supports you to speed up your exercise and makes your workout easier. It has a standard distance from the seat and you can adjust the distance.

The minimum distance from the seat to the handlebar is 18.5 inches and the maximum distance is 24 inches.

13. Sweat Resistance Grips

The handlebars have sweat resistance grips which make your workout safer.

It makes the hands comfortable so that the handlebars do not slip from the hand and also to avoid any hand fatigue.

14. Caged Pedal With Straps

The sunny indoor cycling bike has caged pedals with straps that are convenient for your exercise. The pedals are wide so they are comfortable for any size of feet and do not cut or rag the feet.

The pedal is durable and it has straps and buckles. The straps and buckles help hold your feet to secure your feet from slipping and an abrupt accident.

The pedals are easy to move and you can move the pedals both forward and backwards so that you can exercise for a long time.

15. 4-way Adjustable Padded Seat

The SF-B1714 exercise bike provides you with a comfortable and adjustable seat. The seat is 4-ways adjustable so that you can move it up, down and forward, backward.

The seat is padded so that you can sit on it for a long time and can do your exercise comfortably. The dimension of the seat is very convincing. The length of the seat is 10 inches.

The width is 8 inches which means the seat is enormous to sit on and consider comfortable for everyone. The height is 2.8 inches. Overall, the seat is an impeccable feature of the bike.

16. Adjustable Bottle Holder

Now you do not have to stop your exercise for drinking water because the indoor exercise cycle provides an adjustable water bottle holder.

You can keep water or your favourite drink within your arm’s reach. The manufacturer thinks about your health so that you can workout without being sick and secure proper hydration.

17. Easy Moving Transportation Wheels

The cycling bike has two transportation wheels which help you to shift your bike from one location to another. You do not need any additional help, you do not need other people or you do not need to be strong to move the exercise bike.

If you feel bored being in one place you can just place the place and do your exercise again. Also if you need a place you can store it away.

18. Adjustable Floor Stabilizers

Sunny Health and Fitness bike SF-B1714 has adjustable floor stabilizers so that it does not slip from the floor and cause any inconvenience.

You can adjust the stabilizer so that you feel secure while you are exercising. The adjustable floor stabilizers reduce the rocking and swaying when you do your exercise.

19. Safe and Stable Riding

Sunny Health and Fitness bike Sf-b1714 bike ensure your safety while riding the bike. You can do your exercise confidently without any tension.

The body metal, the flywheel, handlebar, adjustable floor stabilizers make the whole bike strong and stable. It also gives a good result in a short time. The chance of an accident is very low because of its stability.

20. Quiet Workout

The sf-b1714 bike has been made very nicely so it gives you an experience of quiet and silent exercise.

If your bike makes sounds it makes the environment abominable and sometimes your family members or roommates can be disturbed by the noise.

But this bike does not make any noise so you can exercise anywhere and anytime without any hesitation.

The material of the bikeSteelResistanceAdjustable Magnetic
Dimensions48.5 x 24 x 53.5 inFlywheel44 lbs
Product weight135.6 PoundsUser capacity330 lbs
Adjustable position of the seatUp, down, forward and backDrive mechanismBelt drive
Adjustable position of the handlebarsUp, down, forward and backMinimum Inseam28 inches
The material of the seatPadMaximum inseam37 inches
Minimum distance seat to handlebar18.5 inchesMaximum distance seat to handlebar24 inches


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the pedal thread of sf-b1714?

The caged pedal with straps is standard. The high-quality pedal has standard size thread. The size of the thread is 9 inches/ 16 inches.

Is the flywheel silent of this bike?

The 44-pound heavy-duty flywheel is made of steel and the magnets move closer to it. But it moves so smoothly that it does not make any sound. So riders can exercise silently.

What is the lifespan of the resistance rod?

The resistance system is magnetic. It is low maintenance and has a long lifespan. So resistance rod has a long life span.

Is there any indicator for levels of resistance?

The resistance level is adjustable with a tension knob. But it has no indicator of the levels of resistance.

What is the diameter of the flywheel?

The diameter of the flywheel is approximately 18.5 inches which makes the bike more functional.

The weakness of Sunny Health and Fitness sf-b1714

Sunny Health and Fitness bikes are now ruling in the market. The sf-b1714 bike is also well-known. It has a lot of incredible features that make the bike rider-friendly. But there are some flaws.

The first weakness is it has no monitor. As a result, the users can not find their progress, speed, time, distance.

The second weakness is it has no heartbeat sensor so riders cannot find the heartbeat rate. The third flaw is it has no media holder so riders cannot use their device while exercising.


Sunny health and fitness sf-b1714 bike is a 44 weighted flywheel exercising bike that has magnetic resistance and the belt drive mechanism.

It is made of steel so its durability makes it bear a higher weight user up to 330 pounds. It provides a 4-ways adjustable comfortable cushioned seat and handlebars.

The sweat resistance grips give the handlebars more stability. The caged pedal straps are easy moving for every rider. The bike provides an adjustable bottle holder and floor stabilizers. It can be moved easily with its transportation wheels.

Last Updated on January 1, 2023

Sakibul Islam
Sakibul Islam