Zoe Kravitz Workout Routine

Do you want to follow Zoe Kravitz workout routine and diet chart? Read on to know her personalized physical activities and eating habits.

Zoe Isabella Kravitz has been active in the film industry since 2007. She appeared in multiple popular and blockbuster movies, including X-Men: First Class, After Earth, Divergent, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Batman. Zoe might be successful in Hollywood now, but she used to struggle mentally. She was dealing with an eating disorder at the age of 13.

Zoe is 33 years old at the time of writing. According to her, beauty comes from within. Hence, she takes care of her diet and workout schedules. Let’s discuss Zoe Kravitz diet and exercises.

Zoe Kravitz Workout Routine

Zoe owns a fit and attractive body because she incorporates workouts into her everyday schedule. She starts the exercises in the morning and never skips training. Still, the Pussy Island director spent around two months in London for the preparation of her role in The Batman. Let’s know more about Zoe Kravitz workout and diet.

Cardio workouts

Hiking and running are favorites of Zoe. If the weather is not favorable or she does not wish to go outdoors, an elliptical comes in handy. The actress cum singer spends around 30 minutes on this machine. She keeps the cardio practices simple to maintain consistency. After finishing the cardio session, Zoe takes a steam bath for relaxation.

Zoe Kravitz workout routine also includes a lot of walks throughout her day. She generally walks or boards public transport to commute. As per her experience, including walks in your day-to-day activities makes a positive impact on your health and overall fitness. She also suggests walks for small tasks like getting groceries from the nearby store.

Resistance training

Zoe strengthens her muscles at home. You might not believe it, but she does not have a personal trainer. She likes to perform resistance exercises without any guidance. The actress stretches for 15 to 20 minutes before the workouts.

Zoe Kravitz’s Daily Schedule

Volume – More than three to five days per week

Zoe Kravitz workout Catwoman is not super intense. So, you can follow it all seven days without any trouble. You can change the exercise on off days to prevent boredom. Zoe prefers hiking, walking, and running. You can also add one or two days of MMA training to unleash your inner superhero. Check Zoe’s daily workout style.

Warm-up – 15 to 20 minutes of stretching
Workouts – 30-minute elliptical. Sit-ups – five sets comprising 20 reps.

Zoe Kravitz diet

Zoe eats a lot of fruits, and vegetables because she belongs to a vegan family. You might be surprised to know that she does not follow a strict diet chart. Eggs are her favorite abd she eats processed food items occasionally. However, Catwoman does not enjoy meat at regular intervals. Zoe is extremely careful about her eatables and their resources.

Zoe Kravitz diet includes a lot of foods from restaurants because she cannot find time to prepare homemade meals. Hence, the Big Little Lies star searches for high-class eating places that maintain quality and hygiene. Furthermore, she drinks a lot of water.

Zoe Kravitz breakfast

The breakfast generally includes eggs, avocado, and toast. She also prefers quinoa as a first meal of the day. The American actress sometimes includes sriracha with eggs and avocado. Apart from that, she likes squash and kale.

Zoe enjoys having breakfast in vegan restaurants. Cafe Mogador and Souen are her favorite places. She also likes to eat dosa sandwiches at Hampton Chutney Co.

Zoe Kravitz lunch

Zoe eats a lot of vegetables in her lunch. In addition, she prefers avocado, cashew, apples, crunchy sprouts, baby greens, and wild arugula. Her favorite restaurant for lunch is Lovely Day, Manhattan. She also likes eating at McDonald’s, but not regularly.

Zoe Kravitz dinner

The multi-talented actress likes Japanese and Thai food for her dinner. Her favorite dishes are sushi and Sesame Temomi Mazemen with soy-marinated eggs and shiitake mushrooms. So, Zoe generally visits Shalon Japan, Brooklyn, which offers Jewish and Japanese cuisines.

What about snacks?

For quick snacks, Zoe prefers something with peanut butter or chocolate. For instance, wasabi chips with avocado. Toast and almond butter also work for her. Apart from that. She enjoys whiskey, sake, and red wine, especially when partying with friends. However, Catwoman stays away from sweet drinks.

30-day detox

As per Zoe, beauty, and attitude come from within. Confidence, self-trust and positive thoughts are the key to living a comfortable life. Therefore, every year Zoe and her mother plan a 30-day detox prepared by Dr. Shultz. The program suggests eatables that are good for the liver, gallbladder, kidney, and bowel.

In case they cannot schedule the detox, Zoe ensures she eats organic foods for one week in 365 days. She calls it a holiday for her digestive system, especially the gut. This practice helps her to consume and process other items she eats.

Health Tips For Zoe Kravitz Fans

A beach-perfect body cannot be achieved in a couple of days. Instead, fitness is a journey and you should not leave it in the middle only because of fatigue and boredom. As we know, an overweight person is not only unattractive, but also prone to a lot of harmful diseases. So, do not sit idle and wait for magic if you have some extra pounds. Follow the given tips and try to drop the extra muscles.

Be patient – invest time in your body

A lot of individuals start the weight loss process energetically, but they surrender soon. Do you know why? Because they don’t notice expected results. However, it’s not the right step because the body takes a significant amount of time to shed the extra weight. Your muscles cannot be toned within a few days. So, keep working out regularly.

Set fitness goals: Why are you working out? Is it because you like a dress that requires a toned body? Or you want to live a fit and healthy life. No matter what your aim is, make smaller goals to achieve the bigger wish. For instance, make a rule to work out east 4 to 5 times per week and eat only greens for breakfast.

Track your progress: Weight is the most common factor to track your progress in terms of health and fitness. However, it’s not the only criterion. Check your energy level, appetite, and stamina to understand your progress trajectory. If you plan to burn extra fat, then clothes getting loose is also a significant sign that your workout plans are effective.

Maintain a healthy diet: Your family members and friends can be helpful in this practice. If you cannot find someone suitable, take care of your diet. Make a list of food items you consume every day. Remove the eatables that work as an obesity pitfall. Eating healthy helps you achieve your goal without taking up a lot of time.


Zoe Kravitz workouts are simple. Cardio and regular walks are her priorities. And she likes resistance training at home to strengthen her muscles.

Apart from maintaining a fitness routine, Zoe also keeps a check on her diet. She only prefers healthy meals that can keep her mentally and physically fit. However, the 33-year-old actress loves whiskey when out with friends.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2023

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